I came to see Erin about my daughter who has SIBO. She is doing much better after following Erin’s advice. I really had to have faith that something was going to help [my daughter] beyond Miralax and X-rays. So glad we took a chance. We are grateful to have found Erin.

Patty Keck | Portsmouth, NH

Let Erin Holt be your first and last stop on the train to wellness town ~ yes, she is THAT good. There are many issues both superficial and deeply layered that contribute to our personal food choices, but there is nothing on that spectrum of issues that Erin cannot only hold space for, but speak to in a wise way that gifts her clients with a map to personal freedom from whatever personal limitations they've encountered in the patterns of how they feed themselves.  Erin puts a premium on her personal education which means her wisdom is always up-to-date, well-researched, and completely thorough.  You can trust her knowledge base entirely.  She is also a real human with a very real sense of humor and a wide-open heart that allows her to work from a place of personal experience and unparalleled authenticity.  What you see is what you get, and what you get is both impressive and transformational ~ a wealth of information, a very generous hands-on approach, and simple but effective tips for practical application and long-lasting change.  Did I mention she can cook like a BOSS?  The food is amazing, you will EAT.  This woman is pro-food which is such a welcome departure from toxic diet culture that we've all been over-exposed to for far too long.  She has been instrumental in helping so many people reclaim their power to heal themselves through food, myself included.  Do yourself a favor and seek out her wisdom today!

- Marla Cinilia | Co-owner 3 Bridges Yoga, Portsmouth, NH and York, ME



Erin Holt goes beyond simply teaching you about food and nutrition, she inspires and supports you to find and connect to what works for you, to tune in and listen to your body, and to understand how to nurture and nourish your body, mind, and soul. The avenue is nutrition, the result is wholeness. She will educate and enlighten you, inspire and excite you. From her programs to her workshops, you will leave thinking and wanting to explore new ideas. Working with Erin is a joy and a privelege. 

- Elizabeth Guilbeaut | Andover, MA



Thank you for this program, Erin Holt! I have read nutrition books but was missing the connection with a real human being! I love your central message to just listen to your body. We are all so different and what works for one may not work for another. When I told my primary physician that I wanted to lose weight, he told me to work harder, like the Biggest Loser TV show. That was depressing to hear. Then I found out that nearly all physicians graduate with less than 20 hours of nutrition training. I knew I needed to go somewhere else. The information in your program is evidence based and you address the needs of each person. It is not a "diet" but a "how to treat your body right" program!

- Amy M. | N. Berwick, ME



Thank you for everything, Erin. This has been such a cool and unique experience. Before doing this program I definitely lacked confidence in choosing truly healthy options - lots of self doubt and lack of understanding. These 21 days have definitely increased my knowledge and therefore confidence in making sound and solid health choices. I appreciate you and your efforts!! My body, mind and spirit feel happy and light!

- Jessy B. | Raleigh, NC


I feel incredible!! Energetic, clear minded, definitely lost some weight, and I feel like I have a good grasp on healthy ways of eating. I’m going to keep going like I’m still on the plan for a long while so it really becomes a way of living. I feel like I’m just in the beginning of really bringing this into my being where it is second nature!! My goal is to add a lot more self care time in and more yoga/Pilates!! I can’t thank you enough Erin for all the awesome work you put into this - it’s an amazing program!!

- Lindsay M. | E. Montpelier, VT


Erin Holt's Fueled+Fit saved me. From a nasty downward spiral that I could not break free from. And I beat myself up while on the way down. After a series of stressful life events over the last 10 years, I went from feeling great, having a toned body at around 115 pounds, to weighing close to 160 pounds. I felt physically and mentally horrible. And get this: I knew exactly what I needed to do. And for that, I beat myself up even more!

I enrolled in Fueled+Fit even though I didn't want to. Believe me, I was afraid that I might not even start her program after enrolling! Then I met Erin in person. The deal was sealed. Suddenly, everything was going to be alright. I mean, here's this younger woman, telling me she "gets it". And the truth is, she really does. I was so relieved after hearing her story. So relieved that I was not alone. Throughout Erin's program, she was continually supportive and gave the most educated advice. And everything made so much sense I couldn't help but trust her. 

Here I am, almost 5 months later...totally changed. No food addictions. No cravings. No more polluting my body. No more beating myself up (hardly). Learning how to take care of ME. And learning that it's not selfish to do so! It's required. My body has a new life. And I feel amazing. No going back. I thank God for Erin Holt.


- Rosanne P. | Hampton, NH


I've followed Erin's thought process on eating [for 4 months now]. I'm down 30 pounds, and while I mostly eat healthy, there has been cake and pizza whenever I want cake and pizza! And bread...sometimes I eat the damn bread, too! This is the best diet I never went on!

#guiltfree #justeat #thebestdietineverwenton

- Nancy Z. | Portsmouth, NH

THANK YOU for your program, your support, and your vision for what health is: you bring your heart and your knowledge to your work and you do it well. Why?

1. the recipes ~ delicious, varied and some are open to tweaking

2. the reminder to take it easy, to rest, to not worry if you ate something off the program. You keep it real.

3. the writing and PDFs and mini videos: so amazing that you cite your reasons for the foods we step away from and in the videos show us how to prepare something. And you communicate with us on a DAILY BASIS! You keep us "in the game", with encouraging words and tips!

4. the enthusiasm, insight and research you put into your work is WHY your program works. I love that it is a lifestyle change and not a quick, bathing suit fix.

This is my 3rd time with you, and it always works because it makes me think about my habits and why I am eating what I do: stressed? need to unwind? happy? No other program that I have tried invites introspection into habits AND forgiveness. You remind us that this is information...use it, journal about it, and move on to the next day.

Your words are like you are talking to us; filled with energy and belief in what you are saying. You share your struggles with us, and how to organize your days and deal with the stresses of a varied life.

- Nancy W.  |  Portsmouth, NH


Erin, the work you are doing is powerful and can be life changing. I beg you, do what you can to reach as many young people as you can - not that I, at 56, haven't benefited tremendously - but in an effort to hasten their journey to wellness and embracing their bodies. Not that simple of course, but your approach is so inviting, engaging, nonjudgmental and the total opposite of pretentious - it holds great appeal.

- Mariane R.  |  Deerfield, NH


Erin, Thank you soooo very much for a remarkable program. The type and quality of knowledge you shared was exactly what I needed. Also, the time and effort you put into creating the great content to help us is very evident and much appreciated. I liked the mixture of text, video and audio. On a personal level, you really helped me to begin transforming my relationship with food. I know it is a life-long process, but you got me off to a great start! I cannot thank you enough for sharing what you've learned over the years. You are truly helping others in an important and profound way!!!! Thanks again!

- Suzanne P.  |  North Hampton, NH


Thank you, Erin! I truly enjoyed this program, your wealth of knowledge, and your insights. This is everything I have been thinking about doing for a long time, but for some reason, put it off. I thank you for helping me take the leap. I feel great- both in body and in mind. I'm feeling a bit nervous about "graduating" and going on my own (although my husband has jumped on board, so that's a huge support!), but I think that if I can keep in mind that this is all about progress and making better choices that make me feel good, then I can sustain this for a long time. Thank you!

- Emily M.  |  Hampton, NH


The Fueled + Fit program Erin created was incredible! I work with a Naturopathic Doctor who has been helping me heal my leaky gut, eczema and thyroid. Before I knew about Fueled + Fit he had mentioned to me things that I needed to add and eliminate from my diet however he never took the time to really explain it all and exactly what I needed to do. I was lost on what to do about my diet until Erin introduced her program to me! I showed my doctor and he was instantly impressed! He told me that is exactly what I needed to do.

Erin makes this program extremely easy to follow, gives you delicious recipes and explains the benefits of everything so thoroughly. I am proud to say that I have lost 15 pounds since I started this two months ago (prior to this I could not even lose one pound!) and I have continued to incorporate what Erin has taught me in my lifestyle and diet even after I completed the program!

I cannot recommend Fueled + Fit enough! THANK YOU ERIN!!!!

- Lindsay G.  |  Southbury, CT


Yay!! I just wanted to check in and thank you for creating this program. Your booklet and steps made it so easy to follow - and stick to! This type of eating is something I've wanted to really do for a long time and this was the perfect way to start. I loved experimenting with new foods and recipes - and am on track to keep at it! I stayed right at level 2 and it was easier than I thought (with your recipes and ideas).

I can't even believe that 3 weeks is already up. Thank you for all of the information and recordings...all of it was so helpful and eye opening!

[Two months later...]

My husband jumped on board and we have kept up level 2 [for 2 months]! I'm not even really sure how to describe what this has done for us. My husband has had a lot of GI issues over the years and removing dairy and gluten allowed us to really figure out what it was for the first time ever. He has also PR'd in two races - a 5k in 19 minutes and 13.1 in 1:31 -- he totally attributes it to the way he's eating. I feel better - physically and mentally - and I've lost weight. We haven't let it rule our lives, but it's been easy to come back to and stick with. I think the education and steps you provided for us sealed the deal. It's just so easy.

- Keely A.  |  Groton, MA


Erin, I just wanted to say that I'm feeling great and loving all the good and healthy food I'm eating. I can really tell a difference! Also, my husband and kids have been eating on the Level 1 plan too, and the kids are loving the smoothies and trying lots of new foods. And my husband, who has terrible stomach problems, has felt great for the past week just by eating what I'm eating. Oh, and he's lost 5 pound too...so thank you! While there are still two weeks to go, I know we are learning some new things that we will carry on after these 21 days!

- Jen K.  |  Brussels

Participating in the F&F program helped get me back on track and reestablish proper eating and cooking habits and in getting excited again about "real" food. Six weeks in (I started the program early) at level 3 I have lost 6 pounds, and I am committed for another 4 weeks.

- Robert M.  |  Newmarket, NH


I just want to thank everyone in [the private Facebook group] for being so open and forthcoming. I think I am getting what was intended from this effort...to be aware but also to relax about our foods. I imagine I will do this several times over the course of the next year. Going deeper each time. Kinda like yoga...Thank you again. I appreciate every single thought & post & all the wisdom.

- Helen H.  |  Madbury, NH


Erin, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for leading me through these last 3 weeks. I learned a lot, lost some bad habits and started some great new ones! I appreciated all of the information, especially the last recording about how to ease back in to reintroducing foods to my diet. You are amazing and an inspiration!

- Laney S.  |  Durham, NH 


I am a very health conscious person and always try to eat the best food out there, however it can be very overwhelming and confusing. There are so many fads...this is bad, this is good, EAT this, try this, etc. Recently Erin led a workshop at Bikram Yoga Epping and in 30 minutes taught me so many things about HOW we think about food, how we approach it, what really is good, what really is bad, you get the idea. If you are looking for a re-vamp in the kitchen, want to brush up on your eating habits or are just running out of good, real food ideas you need to try out her Fueled and Fit program. The 70 page recipe book alone is SO WORTH IT.

- Emily B.  |  Hampton, NH


Thank you everyone who participated [in this private FB group]. I enjoyed reading everyone's posts and food ideas. I also learned from other's questions. A special thanks to Erin for running this shindig! I didn't know what to expect but it was exactly what I needed to re-frame how I was eating and learn some new info. My plan is to try and eat like this as my way of life. I feel so much better when I do. Thanks!

- Holly D.  |  Newmarket, NH


So the results are in! In two weeks following this plan (about 90%)I've lost 5 lbs and 4 inches off my waist, and quite possibly changed my way of eating forever! This meal plan is full of fresh, clean, real food, and recipes that I get so excited about eating! I'm beyond thrilled! Erin Holt, you've inspired me so much!

- Alicia M.  |  York, ME


Well, I did it!! (And yes, there is a bit of pride that along goes with it.) I feel great, not deprived in any way, and looking forward to making some adjustments in my eating habits. My main goal was to get "junk" out of my life and, if I lost a pound or two along the way, great...That being said, I shed 10 pounds during this fun and informative adventure. So thank you for opening a door for me.

- Lori B.  |  Dover, NH


I wanted to let you know that your detox I did about 6 months ago was the kick start that I needed. I have lost 52 pounds since starting the detox and workout 5 - 6 days a week. I eat so much healthier now due to the things I learned from your plan. I still have a shake every morning which has now become a major part of my morning. Just wanted to say thanks for the guidance and let you know it worked really well from me.

- Patrick L.  |  Portsmouth, NH


I was not expecting to feel so differently so quickly! Since starting, I have really felt great - I've had so much more energy and feel more focused and present. It's been great, and having your recipes and daily PDFs has been really helpful. This has really been a great experience!

- Liz M.

My friends have all done cleanses, but they did cleanses that involved buying chemical shakes, “no chewing” of food for the first week, having no carbs the next, and other steps that seemed unhealthy, crazy and something I wasn’t willing to do to get the full benefit of a “cleanse”. After the first meeting with Erin, I was into her cleanse program fully. I was determined to stick with eating healthy, eliminating processed “food” stuff, and learning more about my body. I gained confidence in the kitchen by being able to “whip” something up with all natural foods and ingredients which was healthy, tasted great and even that my husband liked. I was able to find an easy way to manage my family’s hectic schedule while still eating healthily. I got so many great recipes and ideas from the cleanse, as well as a new perspective about how, what, and when I eat. It is a soul searching process with so many benefits.

I have told my friends how much they would love Erin. I have told my friends how much they would love her cleanse. I am so passionate about Erin’s cleanse that I even convinced a friend to join me second time around!

– Monique W.


The benefits to following a Erin Holt Health cleanse affect your whole life. There is no fad dieting, starvation or liquid dieting. Erin Holt Health offers lifestyle changes. You learn how adapt healthy eating and healthy living into any situation. I went into the first cleanse with the hope of learning how eat healthier and changing a fast food lifestyle. I got so much more. I have found that green smoothies are not only delicious but a quick and FAST way to get good foods into your body. I now try to have one every day. I tried foods that I never would have dared to try on my own. I learned that eating ground to plate is satisfying. I found that eating healthy every day has helped my psoriasis - I have now had two winters of little to no break outs. Amazing!

I have convinced friends, literally from New Hampshire to Florida, to join me in one cleanse or another. Most of them became repeat customers, ALL of them are using lifestyle changes that were inspired by Erin.

– Holly S.  |  Berwyn Heights, MD


I thought my family ate pretty healthy, but truthfully, we ate what was the easiest and fastest on week nights. This meant a lot of grilled cheeses and pasta for dinner. For my teenage girls, the cleanse gave them a lot more awareness of what they were putting in their bodies and taught them that eating more natural foods wasn’t bad. We all ate more [natural foods]. I gained food knowledge and lost weight on the cleanse. When I took the time to be more intentional about the ingredients and looking for recipes it was actually fun and not a chore!

– Maggie D.


The cleanse certainly helped me to lose a little weight and increase my energy. The recipes were so helpful. Some of them I still use! It opened my eyes to a lot of new foods and taught me that preparation is key. The most valuable thing I learned from the cleanse is what I should be looking for when I go grocery shopping, which is usually a struggle!!

Having worked with Erin, there’s no one I would more highly recommend. Her knowledge about nutrition and yoga (not to mention her kindness and friendliness) is very valuable, and if you have the opportunity to work with her for anything you should take it.

– Lauren H.


The FB group is amazing. We’re all in it together and you find that life really isn’t that hard on a cleanse. In fact, it’s quite fantastic!

– Marie H.