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Honest and eye-opening conversations that cut through the BS of the “wellness” world. Get informed and empowered with our funky spin on mainstream health & nutrition information.

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Carb Compatibility Project™

This LIVE 4-week program explores higher-level concepts, including intuitive eating, blood sugar regulation, hormonal health, gut health, pre- and post-workout nutrition, calories, carbs & macros. You will get lots of support as you experiment and dial in your unique nutrition needs.

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If you’re looking to shift to a more whole foods-inclusive diet, this is the place to start! Hundreds have found success with this "ground breaking" 21 day nutrition & lifestyle medicine program.

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You eat well, you take care of yourself, you do “all the right things” and still…something is off. Maybe your docs aren’t listening to you. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by ALL the nutrition and health noise out there. This is where I swoop in to help you discover what’s right for you and get to the bottom of your health issues.

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About Erin

I believe there is power in sharing our stories. Here's mine. This is why I created Erin Holt Health and what I do as a nutritionist.