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The Membership

Monthly individual functional nutrition consultations

Online dietary & lifestyle coaching

A private community

more support, greater accountability & better results

to take the overwhelm out of health

cancel anytime

Private Nutrition Membership Benefits & Extras

1:1 appointments, individual attention and guidance

  • Extensive health history intake and health assessment

    • value: $100

  • Lab test recommendations and analysis

    • value: $100+

  • One 60 minute private consult per month (in person or via Zoom video)

    • value: $250

  • Monthly Custom Protocol: comprehensive and personalized written action plan with diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to guide you forward on your path month to month

    • value: $150

  • Email support between sessions (response within 48 hours)

    • value: $50

  • Emergency text support for time sensitive issues

  • Full transparency: you have access to all labs, data and results

  • Communication with other practitioners you may be working with

  • Unused consults roll over to the next month

Private Community: You Do You Crew

  • Private Facebook group to connect with a like-minded crew who are trying to do the same thing you’re doing

  • Erin weighs in weekly with relevant health articles, resources and food ideas

  • Referrals & collaborations with my trusted practitioners (including other nutritionists, MDs, naturopaths & therapists)

Resource Library

  • Unlimited access to private password-protected membership platform

  • Dietary protocols and easy recipes to support your personalized plan

  • Nutrition education

  • Spirituality and intuitive eating coaching

  • Lifestyle Medicine such as guided meditations, mindfulness and healing practices

  • Free admission to online courses including Fueled+Fit, Carb Compatibility Project, What the Gut? Gut Health workshop

  • PLUS guidance towards which specific resources are right for you!

  • New resources added every month

Exclusive Discounts

  • Coupon code & free shipping for practitioner line supplements


  • No minimum commitment

  • 48 hour notice to change or cancel appointment

  • 15 day notice for membership cancellation

  • Access to resource library removed with membership cancellation 


Why work with ME?


I am a board-certified integrative and functional nutritionist helping women re-energize and find real health without restriction.

I have been practicing nutrition for 8 years, going beyond the conventional education I received in college (B.S. Nutrition & Dietetics) and basic training I received as a health coach.

I am at heart a researcher. I am constantly enrolled in new programs to learn from the leaders in the industry and stay up to date with the current research. Our understanding of food and the human body changes every day. Our practice should, too.

I see a limited number of private nutrition clients through my membership program. That is so I can truly invest in your story, provide ongoing support, and be as equally committed to your path as you are.

I blend science, theory, functional lab testing, intuition and a listening ear into my holistic and functional nutrition practice. You and I work together to create a collaborative, dynamic, unique and evidenced-based plan for you. Learn more about functional nutrition here.

We unearth the root causes of your symptoms while you build the confidence to make the appropriate dietary and lifestyle shifts. Through this journey you begin to heal your relationship to your body, your relationship to food, and your relationship to yourself.

My own health struggles dramatically affect the way I work with clients. I see you. You’re not crazy. It’s not all in your head. I understand what you're going through because I’ve been there. I've been in the trenches, and I've also experienced the light at the end of the tunnel. I know it's possible. And that's what I hope to show you.

My training and education, experience working with hundreds of women, plus my research-backed holistic approach makes me a uniquely qualified partner in your health journey. If you’re looking for  a nutritional, functional and spiritual approach to health, you want in on my membership.


  • Digestive disorders, including SIBO and IBS

  • Adrenal dysfunction & cortisol dysregulation

  • Thyroid disorders

  • Blood sugar issues

  • PCOS

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Chronic pain

  • Brain fog & Fatigue

  • Anxiety

working with me is the right choice if…

  • You’re wondering how food and diet can make you feel better and/or if you’re eating the right diet for you.

  • You read a lot about food, diet and health, but need some help discerning how to prioritize this information.

  • You've tried to do "everything right" with your diet and you're still not getting the results you want.

  • You have symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, burnout, weight gain/weight loss resistance, depression, anxiety, but your conventional doctor says everything is normal.

  • You have chronic constipation, bloating, belly discomfort or heartburn, but aren’t sure why.

  • You suspect thyroid issues, but have been told everything is fine.

  • You just don’t feel yourself, but all your blood work from your doctors come back “normal”.

  • You feel like you’re not being heard by your current healthcare practitioners.

  • You feel like you’re at war with your body.

  • You feel like you have no control over your body.

  • You want to learn how to step into your optimal function. 

what to expect when you enroll in the membership…

Before we meet

When you enroll in membership, you will be prompted to create an account using your email and a password. This will give you immediate access to the resource library. You can jump into the Get Started resources right away if you want!

You will also receive an email to schedule your first appointment and an invitation to our private Facebook community.

Before we meet together, you will fill out a Health History Form, Health Questionnaire & Diet Intake for me to review.

Our first session

Consider this our “research phase”! Together we review the comprehensive diet and lifestyle questionnaires. We also discuss your current dietary habits, health struggles, emotional blocks to food and healing, and your goals. Expect lots of questions! The first session is mostly intake; I learn about your background to provide context for future recommendations.

You will receive a comprehensive and personalized email with specific dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations based on our initial discussion.

And beyond!

We discuss your customized plan. This plan is extremely tailored to YOU. You will receive recommendations for diet, lifestyle, exercise, supplements, lab testing, as well as recipes and nutrition education catered to your specific needs. We evaluate goal progress, review necessary labs, discuss any encountered barriers, and plan for next steps forward.

You will receive a comprehensive follow up email detailing recommendations, with clickable links to recommended resources after each of our meetings.


This membership is for you if…

You're looking for a diet and/or health overhaul.

You have a lot of questions about and confusion around food.

You're looking to develop a relationship with a health professional.

You feel like you need some accountability when it comes to your health.

You do better with support and would like interaction between appointments.

You've tried to do "everything right" with your diet and you're still not getting the results you want.

You feel as though you've slipped through the cracks of conventional medicine and aren't getting any answers.




PAyment and Cancellation Policies

Erin Holt Health has a 48 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy. If you miss your appointment, cancel, or change your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged the full rate of your session.

By scheduling an appointment with me, you agree to these terms.


I do not accept insurance as payment for my services.

Many clients choose to use their FSA card as payment for my services and labs ordered through me.

I do not work directly with insurance companies. I cannot offer CPT or diagnosis codes for you to submit to your insurance company.