Episode 66: Thyroid Health + Hashimoto’s with Dr. Becky Campbell

Dr. Becky Campbell

  • Specific markers to ask for “full thyroid panel”

  • Conventional lab ranges vs/ functional lab ranges

  • The problem with waiting to test for antibodies

  • Diagnostic criteria for Hashimoto’s

  • Where to start with thyroid dysfunction

  • The tests that Dr. Campbell recommends

  • Gluten + Hashimoto’s

  • The thyroid - liver connection

  • The interplay between sex hormones + thyroid

  • Estrogen + Hashimoto’s

  • Testing for Epstein-Barr virus

  • The #1 most effective thing you should do for your adrenals

  • Thyroid medication - do you need to stop??

  • Postpartum immune & thyroid flare ups

  • What about HYPER-thyroidism?

  • Low T3 Syndrome

  • Why you’ve GOTTA fix your gut!

  • Is it possible to get Hashimoto’s in remission

  • The problem with chasing thyroid antibodies 

The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan Book

Episode 65: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Weight Loss

  • The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself Before Attempting Weight Loss

  • Common Weight Loss Resistance Factors

  • How to Know if You’re in a Hypometabolic State

  • Moving Beyond Calories In/Calories Out

  • How to Refeed if You’re Metabolically Broken

  • Are Caloric Deficits Necessary

  • How to Know When a Deficit is Appropriate

  • Figuring Out Your Exact Calorie Needs

  • Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

  • How to Prevent Muscle Loss

  • PLUS All the Things You’re NOT Doing (that you should be)

Body Weight Planner

Episode 64: Intuitive Eating, Health At Every Size and Weight Loss

This week we attempt to answer the question: can functional nutrition and intuitive eating coexist? Plus, our response to the NYT opinion piece “Smash the Wellness Industry”.

  • Intuitive Eating founders

  • HAES movement -- what it represents

  • Fat shaming in medicine

  • Thin privilege

  • Our problems with how HAES is represented

  • How I use intuitive eating & HAES principles in my practice

  • Do all foods really fit?

  • Is BMI BS?

  • Determining your healthiest weight

Everything you know about obesity is wrong article

Episode 63: Strategies for Managing Burnout

This week I got to interview a therapist about the all-too-common burnout. Samantha Osborne shares root cause solutions & ways to make a lasting impact on your burnout.

  • The difference between burnout and stress

  • Why our bodies weren’t designed for burnout

  • Allostatic loads

  • Why you have to turn off your faucet

  • How do you know when your stress load is HIGH

  • Investing in Alternative Identities

  • Short term focus vs. focusing on the long play

  • Discerning when to say yes and when to say no

  • Setting up Boundaries

  • Why asking for help is so hard

  • How to restructure work to Increase efficiency and decrease workload

  • Using burnout as a tool

Episode 62: Lyme Prevention & Gut Health

  • Chronic Lyme and Chronic Fatigue

  • Post-Treatment Lyme Syndrome

  • Antibiotic effects on mitochondria

  • Why Germ Theory Got it Wrong

  • Gut health + immune function

  • Two most important things to do for your health

  • The best ways to get vitamin D

  • Supplements for immune support

  • Lyme prevention

  • What to do if you get bit by a tick

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Immune Boosting Chocolate Shake Recipe

Minding Your Mitochondria Ted Talk

Shop safe sunscreen here

Vitamin D and safe sun exposure

Guide to safe sunscreen

Healing Lyme Book

Astragalus caps

Astragalus tincture

Organic Astragalus root powder

Vitamin C powder

Liposomal Vitamin C

Cod Liver Oil

Andrographis tincture

Green clay powder

Episode 61: Using Your Cycle to Plan Your Life: Menstruation, Ovulation & Tracking Hormones

Interview with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack of Fertility Friday

“Every person on earth is here because of their mother’s menstrual cycle. It really makes you think: why don’t we have more reverence and appreciation for the it?”

  • The power of cycle tracking

  • What is a vital sign?

  • Female Athlete Triad

  • Osteoporosis risk factors

  • What does it mean when you skip periods

  • What a normal, healthy cycle looks like (and why you need to know)


  • What to do if you have severe cramping and bleeding

  • What your diet has to do with your PMS symptoms

  • How your personal care products contribute to your cramps

  • How to start paying attention to your cycle

  • The best ways to track ovulation

  • The best ways to track your hormones

  • 3 main signs of fertility

  • Rhythm Method vs. Fertility Awareness Method

  • IUDs and Copper IUDs

The Fifth Vital Sign (BUY THIS BOOK!)

Episode 60: Weight Gain and Identity Loss

Maybe you’re coming around to the idea that chronic under-eating and yo-yo dieting has contributed to some of your health issues. Maybe you’re starting to understand that in order to get well, you might need to do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what diet culture tells you. In order to feel better (balance hormones/reduce fatigue/support fertility/support immune system) you might actually have to EAT MORE and WORKOUT LESS.


What happens when the "fit, thin, healthy girl” starts to gain weight?

In this episode I interview Denver based NTP and women’s health coach Jessica Christin. Jess shares her story of disordered eating, over-exercise, and the identity crisis that came with taking charge of her health.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Who she blames for her battle with disordered eating

  • Exercise addiction

  • When eating dysfunction is the societal norm

  • Food & exercise control

  • Tools to use when you feel out of control

  • When weight gain trigger loss of identity

  • What to do if you don’t handle stress well

  • Why your practitioner can’t do the work for you

  • Self love + recovery

  • What do your relationships have to do with your food intake?

Episode 59: Fasted workouts, Cortisol + Weight Loss, BCAAs, Caloric Needs

Disclaimer/trigger warning for ED recovery: I’m talking about going to be talking about weight, weight loss + calories on this show.

  • Modern American Women Syndrome

  • How to appropriately fuel the demands you put on your body

  • Fasting + Exercise

  • Weight loss + Muscle Wasting

  • What does cortisol have to do with blood sugar?!

  • Pre and post workout meals

  • Hydration

  • Caloric needs for maintenance

  • Caloric needs for muscle growth

Get on Adrenals | Thyroid | Hormones Group Program Wait List

Resources mentioned in this show: 

Electrolyte powder

Trace mineral drops

My current favorite protein powder

Women + BCAAs
More on essential amino acids + BCAA supplementation

Body Weight Planner

Episode 58: Women’s Hormones: Spotlight on PCOS & Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Interview with Registered Dietitian Kaely McDevitt to shed some light on two very common hormone disorders: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which is the leading cause of infertility, and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA), which results in loss of menstruation and ovulation. Kaely shares how to assess if you have either of these hormonal imbalances, how to differentiate between the two (they present similarly), and what to do if you struggle with either.

  • Understanding Ovulation

  • Hormones + Mood Connection

  • Why Fertility is a Marker for Female Health

  • How Hormonal Birth Control Suppresses Ovulation

  • Why Men + Women Need Different Diets

  • Ovarian Cysts: Normal or Not?

  • PCOS + Insulin Resistance

  • “Classic” PCOS vs. “Other Cause” PCOS

  • Post-Birth Control Rebound PCOS

  • Common reasons for absent or infrequent ovulation

  • Best Labs to Assess Hormone Imbalance

  • Signs, Symptoms + Lab Markers of PCOS + HA

  • How to Differentiate PCOS from HA

  • How Dieting Leads to Hormone Imbalance

  • Why We Need a Mindset Shift for our Healthcare

  • Why You Need to Play the Long Game for Hormonal Health

  • Best Carbs for Type 1 Diabetic

Episode 57: Ghee, Spirulina, Cooking Oils, Lectins & Advice for Future Nutritionists

Listener question episode!

  • Homemade ghee

  • Spirulina health benefits & drawbacks

  • Cooking oils & smoke points -- what are the best options?

  • Laws, rules, regulations for dietitians in the US and beyond

  • Advice for future nutritionists & RDs

  • Thoughts on Plant Paradox

  • Lectins & nightshades

Resources mentioned on this show:

Tin Star Foods ghee

4th & Heart ghee

Kettle and Fire broth


Episode 56: Oral Health with Primal Life Organics

Interview with Primal Life Organics

  • Why oral health directly impacts gut health

  • Boosting immunity through your mouth

  • Signs your teeth are losing minerals

  • How to remineralize teeth

  • Is it possible to reverse a cavity

  • Leaky gut and “leaky gums”

  • Why gum health is so important

  • What causes bad breath?

  • Toothpaste ingredients to avoid

  • The problems with glycerine in your natural toothpaste

  • Fluoride: Yes or No?

  • Natural ways to whiten teeth

  • The power of healthy saliva

  • How to detox your mouth from heavy metals

  • Travel tips for cleaning your teeth

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Bubblegum tooth powder

Unsweetened spearmint tooth powder (my fave!!)

Sweetened peppermint tooth powder

Episode 55: How to Tell if Your Blood Sugar is a Problem

Talking about blood sugar isn’t exactly sexy or glamorous. It’s for sure not winning any clickbait awards.

But blood sugar regulation is arguably one of the most important things to consider when we’re trying to put together an owner’s manual for our own healthy bodies.

The truth is that most people don’t realize just how much unstable blood sugar impacts their health -- everything from hormonal balance to thyroid function to inflammation to brain health.

Just like Ron Burgundy, blood sugar is kind of a big deal.

Unstable blood sugar underlies many common symptoms - exhaustion, insomnia, significant pain & inflammation, anxiety, lack of motivation & drive, depression and brain fog.

Even if you feel pretty good and you’re after more aesthetic goals, this stuff still matters. Both low blood sugar AND high blood sugar can cause you to gain weight.

Dysregulated blood sugar is an inflammatory cycle that’s hard to get out of. And it’s important that we all collectively get a beat on this.

One of the most essential things a person can do to improve and maintain the health of their body and brain is to normalize blood sugar. After listening to this episode, you’ll understand why.

  • Classic Signs of Low Blood Sugar

  • Symptoms of Chronic High Blood Sugar

  • #1 Cause of Over-Eating

  • Insulin Resistance & Diabetes

  • PCOS

Episode 53: When Your Doctor Doesn’t Believe Your Pain

Interview with Dr. Cristin Zaimes

What do you do when your doctor doesn’t listen? When your provider doesn’t believe you?

The recent Selma Blair interview on Good Morning America brought to light a scary fact: women are not being heard by their medical providers. Chronic conditions are going undiagnosed for YEARS, despite the fact that women are reporting real physical problems.

As seen with Selma Blair, this lack of care can have irreversible consequences.

On Episode 53 of the Funk’tional Nutrition Podcast, I interview Dr. Cristin Zaimes of Oceanside Physical Therapy to discuss how sexism in healthcare creates shame and distrust in our own bodies.

 We discuss what can we do to change this -- including ways to tap into our innate power to heal.

  • Sexism in Healthcare

  • Why Women Aren’t Being Listened To

  • Why does pain go on so long?

  • Neural networks

  • Hypervigilance in the body

  • Re-establishing Resiliency in Your Body

  • Your power to heal

  • Building out a health care team

  • How to Find Trust in Healthcare Again

Episode 52: Our Go-To Labs and Functional Testing

In this episode we discuss how to use labs to practice preventative medicine and answer the listener question, “what are the top 3 lab tests one should look into if you just want to begin taking general health inventory?”.

  • Pathological vs. functional ranges

  • Functional labs + when to use them

  • Costs of labs -- are they worth it?

  • Labs as motivating factor

  • Continuity of care

  • The importance (and power) of referrals

  • Personal healthcare & finances

Episode 51: Chinese Medicine for Moms & Kids with Megan Garcia

Interview with Megan Garcia

Megan and I discuss how we navigate real food in the real world...with kids.

  • Cultural appropriation of herbs

  • Chinese tonic herbs/adaptogens

  • Herbs + vaccinations

  • Food intros with food sensitivities

  • How to reduce food stress with children

  • Sugar + exposure to sweets

  • Sour + bitter flavors for babies

  • How to transition kids to whole foods diet

  • Plant-based diets with kids

  • Common mineral deficiencies in babies

  • Best foods for baby’s development

  • Baby led weaning vs. purees

  • Responsive feeding

  • Dairy-free calcium sources

  • Natural deodorant options

  • What your body odor might mean about how your organs are functioning

Episode 50: Eating Disorders & The Power of Sharing Your Story: Interview with Meg Doll

Interview with Nutritionist Meg Doll

  • Meg’s experience with eating disorder at the age of 10

  • Death or grief as impetus for eating disorders

  • Meg’s final straw with her eating disoder + an a-ha moment

  • Eating disorders as mental illness

  • Traditional eating disorder recovery

  • When eating disorders are disguised as “being healthy”

  • How to change diet culture

  • Why it’s important to share your experience

  • How to find your unique voice

  • The power of the ripple effect

  • Recovery as a process

  • Busting through food fear

  • When we see food cravings as failure

  • How to determine what diet is right for you

  • Meg’s take on keto, low carb and fasting

  • Women + carbs

Episode 49: Why You Need To Test Your Thyroid (and how to do it)

A must-listen for nutritionists and practitioners-to-be!

  • The one social media experience that made me stop comparing

  • Recap for practitioners

  • Does your practitioner even research, bro?

  • Why practitioners need to be okay with failing

  • Thyroid health and brain health

  • Systems in the body that thyroid affects

  • Why testing TSH doesn’t cut it

  • Diet for Hashimoto’s

  • Thyroid labs you need

Episode 48: Exploring Female Hormones & Birth Control with Dr. Jolene Brighten

Interview with Dr. Jolene Brighten

  • What is Post Birth Control Syndrome and why you should care

  • When your doctor doesn’t believe your story

  • When medicine borders on dogma

  • Why birth control is NOT “the pill for every female ill”

  • Doctors are not a one-size-fits-all: the importance of building a healthcare team

  • A brief history of birth control

  • How birth control can delay your diagnosis

  • What pain with sex & chronic yeast infections have in common

  • Vaginal pain & shame

  • Why you need to be a troublemaker

  • The nutrients depleted by birth control

  • Foods to eat if you take hormonal birth control

  • How birth control affects your thyroid, hormones and gut

  • Birth control, leaky gut & autoimmune disease

  • Is the pill causing your depression?

  • The two theories of depression and how birth control affects both

  • The importance of your period & cycle regularity

  • Amenorrhea after the pill

  • Tests to ask for if your period is irregular or missing

  • How insulin, blood sugar regulation affect your hormones

  • How stress affects fertility

  • The best hormone, thyroid & adrenal tests