Episode 52: Our Go-To Labs and Functional Testing

In this episode we discuss how to use labs to practice preventative medicine and answer the listener question, “what are the top 3 lab tests one should look into if you just want to begin taking general health inventory?”.

  • Pathological vs. functional ranges

  • Functional labs + when to use them

  • Costs of labs -- are they worth it?

  • Labs as motivating factor

  • Continuity of care

  • The importance (and power) of referrals

  • Personal healthcare & finances

Episode 51: Chinese Medicine for Moms & Kids with Megan Garcia

Interview with Megan Garcia

Megan and I discuss how we navigate real food in the real world...with kids.

  • Cultural appropriation of herbs

  • Chinese tonic herbs/adaptogens

  • Herbs + vaccinations

  • Food intros with food sensitivities

  • How to reduce food stress with children

  • Sugar + exposure to sweets

  • Sour + bitter flavors for babies

  • How to transition kids to whole foods diet

  • Plant-based diets with kids

  • Common mineral deficiencies in babies

  • Best foods for baby’s development

  • Baby led weaning vs. purees

  • Responsive feeding

  • Dairy-free calcium sources

  • Natural deodorant options

  • What your body odor might mean about how your organs are functioning

Episode 50: Eating Disorders & The Power of Sharing Your Story: Interview with Meg Doll

Interview with Nutritionist Meg Doll

  • Meg’s experience with eating disorder at the age of 10

  • Death or grief as impetus for eating disorders

  • Meg’s final straw with her eating disoder + an a-ha moment

  • Eating disorders as mental illness

  • Traditional eating disorder recovery

  • When eating disorders are disguised as “being healthy”

  • How to change diet culture

  • Why it’s important to share your experience

  • How to find your unique voice

  • The power of the ripple effect

  • Recovery as a process

  • Busting through food fear

  • When we see food cravings as failure

  • How to determine what diet is right for you

  • Meg’s take on keto, low carb and fasting

  • Women + carbs

Episode 49: Why You Need To Test Your Thyroid (and how to do it)

A must-listen for nutritionists and practitioners-to-be!

  • The one social media experience that made me stop comparing

  • Recap for practitioners

  • Does your practitioner even research, bro?

  • Why practitioners need to be okay with failing

  • Thyroid health and brain health

  • Systems in the body that thyroid affects

  • Why testing TSH doesn’t cut it

  • Diet for Hashimoto’s

  • Thyroid labs you need

Episode 48: Exploring Female Hormones & Birth Control with Dr. Jolene Brighten

Interview with Dr. Jolene Brighten

  • What is Post Birth Control Syndrome and why you should care

  • When your doctor doesn’t believe your story

  • When medicine borders on dogma

  • Why birth control is NOT “the pill for every female ill”

  • Doctors are not a one-size-fits-all: the importance of building a healthcare team

  • A brief history of birth control

  • How birth control can delay your diagnosis

  • What pain with sex & chronic yeast infections have in common

  • Vaginal pain & shame

  • Why you need to be a troublemaker

  • The nutrients depleted by birth control

  • Foods to eat if you take hormonal birth control

  • How birth control affects your thyroid, hormones and gut

  • Birth control, leaky gut & autoimmune disease

  • Is the pill causing your depression?

  • The two theories of depression and how birth control affects both

  • The importance of your period & cycle regularity

  • Amenorrhea after the pill

  • Tests to ask for if your period is irregular or missing

  • How insulin, blood sugar regulation affect your hormones

  • How stress affects fertility

  • The best hormone, thyroid & adrenal tests

Episode 47: Weaning Off Antidepressants, Eczema Diets & The Problem with Nutrition

  • Immune-boosting herbs we’re loving now

  • How to support yourself nutritionally when weaning off SSRIs

  • Supplements to consider when coming off anti-depressants

  • Nutrition to support the brain and mood

  • Gluten & the brain

  • Talking about gluten sensitivity

  • Thyroid health & the brain

  • How to test the thyroid

  • Eczema triggers

  • Specific diets to try for eczema relief

  • Supplements & life practices for eczema relief

  • Is Jillian Michael’s keto stance legit?

Episode 45: Supporting Female Hormonal Cycles

Interview with Sami Magliozzi

  • Understanding the 4 parts of our cycle

  • How our menstrual cycle phases affect our energy, mood, nutritional needs, exercise, etc.

  • How to eat in line with your cycle

  • How moon cycles are intertwined with our female hormonal cycles

  • What can disrupt our normal hormonal cycle

  • Reasons for Hunger and mood changes with menstruation

  • Herbs & practices to support the different parts of the cycle

  • Natural period options & tampon alternatives

  • Blood color -- what does it mean?

  • Natural options for birth control

Resources mentioned:

Lunette menstrual cup

Episode 43: Intersectional Feminism & the Co-opting of Movements: Interview with Chrissy King

Interview with Chrissy King

  • Overcoming the fear of leaving a FT job to pursue her dreams

  • Examining and questioning the stories we tell ourselves

  • Intersectional feminism

  • Specific ways to leverage your priviledge

  • Difference between guilt and shame

  • How to be a part of the conversation when you don’t know what to say

  • What to do when you get it wrong

  • Resources for learning more about intersectional feminism

  • The problems with performative feminism

  • Thin privilege & the co-opting of the body positive movement

Episode 39: Plant Based Diets, Eating Meat & Sustainable Health

  • How to Get the Most Nutrition Out of a Vegetarian Diet

  • Supplements to Consider on a Vegetarian/Vegan Diet

  • Common Nutrient Deficiencies in a Vegetarian/Vegan Diet (and what to do)

  • Is Organic Meat More Nutritious than Factory-Farmed Meat?

  • All About Protein - How to Get Enough

  • How to Transition to an Animal-Inclusive Diet

  • Environmental & Sustainability Concerns of Eating Meat

  • The Moral & Ethical Dilemma

  • Best Ways to Approach the Healthiest Diet for You

Episode 38: Interview with Jessica Flanigan

Interview with Jessica Flanigan, autoimmune nutritionist

  • The #1 question to ask yourself before attempting any diet

  • How to customize your health based on latest microbiome and genetic research

  • Personalized medicine

  • The best tests for individualized health plans

  • Jessica’s thoughts on genetic testing and 23andme

  • Judgements in the wellness world

  • How to find a skilled practitioner

  • Modern authorities in health movements

  • What is oral tolerance and why does it matter?

  • The lie you’ve been told about food sensitivities

  • How restriction can lead to inflammation, gut problems and autoimmunity

  • Plant-restrictive diets: yay or nay?

  • What to do when we feel stuck

  • How do we learn to love ourselves

Episode 37: Liver Health, Bile Production & Intermittent Fasting

Is detox BS?

  • Why you should care about the health of your gallbladder

  • All about bile and why it’s such a superstar

  • Problems with reflux meds

  • Foods to improve digestion and increase bile production

  • My current fave daily elixir

  • Supplements for detoxification

  • Benefits & drawbacks of intermittent fasting

  • Female hormones and fasting

  • Who should NEVER attempt fasting

  • How to do it & Signs you should stop

Episode 34: Biological Dentistry with Dr. Kristen Graham

Interview with Dr. Kristen Graham

  • What is a biological dentist? How do you find one?

  • Nutrition & Oral Health

  • Clenching & Grinding Teeth

  • Fluoride: Yay or Nay?

  • Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth

  • Best Meal Timing for Oral Health

  • Top 3 (Inexpensive) Things You Can Do for Healthy Teeth

  • All About Mercury & Metal Fillings
    Mercury Toxicity and Detoxification

  • Root Canals, Cavities & More

  • What Does Candida Have to Do with Mercury Fillings?

  • The mouth and the gut