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 Modern women put an insane amount of pressure on ourselves to look and perform a certain (perfect) way.

These impossible standards create a great deal of chronic, low-grade stress, which often goes unrealized because it’s so commonplace in today’s world. In other words, we don’t even acknowledge the stress - we think we should be able to handle it all.

Unfortunately, this concealed pressure grinds down the endocrine, digestive and immune systems overtime, leading to fatigue, hormonal issues, thyroid disorder and autoimmunity.

Yet when we discuss our feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, burnout, brain fog, weight gain, bloating or aches & pains with our physicians, we’re often told EVERYTHING IS NORMAL:

“It’s normal to skip your period sometimes.”

“Feeling tired is normal for a new mom.”

“Weight gain is normal in your 40s.”

“All labs look normal!”

So we leave feeling invalidated, under-diagnosed, over-prescribed, more stressed, and like it’s all our fault.

The war with ourselves persists.


As an integrative & functional nutritionist, I’ve been working with women all along this continuum.

In the past 8 years of private practice, I’ve helped women through significant adrenal, thyroid and hormonal problems.

Together, we address the original root(s) of the body’s imbalance and put systems in place to support them.