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3 week food plan offering nutrition education & lifestyle medicine


21 days of nutrition education & lifestyle support offered in a convenient self-study program. This program teaches you how to shift toward a whole-foods eating approach while freeing yourself from the diet mentality to support overall health.

Start anytime!


Carb Compatibility Project™

An intuitive 4 week plan to determine your body's unique carbohydrate needs and end the carb confusion


Use real food, low carb principles to crush cravings, heal digestive issues, gain energy, lose weight and feel great! This intuitive 4 week online nutrition plan helps you determine your body's unique carbohydrate needs and end the carb confusion once and for all.

Next live class starts Monday, August 5th


Group Programs with Functional Testing


Your Hormone Revival™

Adrenals | Thyroid | Hormones

3 month comprehensive balancing program for female adrenal, thyroid and hormone health. Understand your hormones and unlock the root of imbalance using functional labs, individualized protocols, educational modules, food & lifestyle medicine plus community support.

*Though not required, it’s recommended that you go through Fueled+Fit™ or Carb Compatibility Project™ before enrolling in this program.

Next live class starts Fall 2019


Private Sessions & Functional Testing


Work with Erin 1:1

Funk’tional Nutrition Membership

Work directly with Erin using the principles of functional medicine nutrition including comprehensive intake forms, functional lab testing, lab analysis and deep conversation to achieve root cause resolution. You get monthly individual consultations, online dietary & lifestyle coaching, plus a private community for more support.

The membership is the ONLY way Erin works with clients individually.

*For most efficient results and best outcome, it is strongly encouraged you go through one of Erin’s programs before you work with her 1:1.




The Fueled+Fit™ nutrition program is offered as a "self study", meaning you can start it at anytime. You learn a lot about choosing food, how to shop, how to seek out ingredients, how your stress response works, how digestion works, and what you can do to help it all along. There are 3 levels within the program to allow you to meet yourself where you're at. There is even an option to use this as an elimination-style diet to suss out food sensitivities. Content is rolled out daily, along with a 100+ page book to kick things off (book is available immediately upon purchase).

Shift away from addictive, potentially allergenic and difficult-to-digest food and embrace whole foods. Learn how to crowd out unhealthy habits while boosting your existing good habits. This program will create the space for positive and sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle.

This food plan removes foods that may trigger an immune response. It supports brain health, gut health, detoxification, blood sugar stability and combats inflammation. You start to pay attention to sourcing of food, and understand why it matters. You WILL NOT count calories, weigh food or measure portions. You WILL reprogram your body's hunger and satiety cues, keeping you from overeating.

 If you’re looking to adopt a real food lifestyle, learn the ins and outs and the how-tos, Fueled+Fit™ is perfect for you.

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Carb Compatibility Project™

 The Carb Compatibility Project™ is offered as a live program, meaning you'll be with a group of women all doing it at the same time. There will be weekly content rolled out over the 4 weeks: food templates, weekly lessons, and weekly intuitive eating practices. Erin will be answering questions via FB live videos each week to make sure you're getting the personalized help you need.

 The Carb Compatibility Project™ doesn't spend much time going over the same concepts of Fueled+Fit™. This project assumes that you're already familiar with the principles of a whole foods diet and takes them a step further, talking more specifically about calories and carbohydrates, dialing in more specific macronutrient ratios. We also explore higher-level concepts, including blood sugar regulation, hormonal health, gut health, pre- and post-workout nutrition, and more. The Carb Compatibility Project™ is designed with low carb exploration in mind. We start with a moderate carb diet and slowly work down to a low carb diet. There is a chance toward the end to experiment with very low carb/high fat (aka keto) way of eating.

If you’re already comfortable with a whole foods diet, but want to continue to experiment and dial in your unique nutrition, the Carb Compatibility Project™ is perfect for you.


Your Hormone Revival™

Get all the benefits of working with Erin 1:1, but within the context of a group program. The perks of a group program include efficiency, affordability, accessibility & camaraderie.

Your Hormone Revival™ blends the best of both worlds: the education platform and community of a group program, while also gaining access to functional lab testing and analysis at practitioner cost. Over the course of 12 weeks, educational modules are rolled out through videos, audios + transcripts so you can watch, listen or read depending on your learning style. You will be a part of a private Facebook group for Q+A support with Erin, as well as monthly live Q+A calls to ask her direct questions.

Erin will also create an individualized protocol for you delivered via personalized video + PDF, explaining labs results, what they mean, and what your specific intervention should look like.

This program is the perfect fit for you if you experience any of the following symptoms or imbalances: fatigue, burnout, anxiety, overwhelm, sleep issues, weight loss resistance, menstrual cycle irregularities, painful periods, PCOS, hormonal issues or thyroid dysfunction.


Funk’tional Nutrition Membership

Erin’s private practice is centered around functional medicine nutrition and root cause resolution. Ideal candidate for the membership is someone who already has a good handle on a whole foods diet (ie has been through the Fueled+Fit program and/or Carb Compatibility Project). If you’re looking to focus solely on food and diet, consider one of Erin’s nutrition programs instead. The membership is for those who are looking to dig in deeper to get to the root of symptoms via intake forms, conversation + functional testing.

Average length of time Erin works with clients in this membership is 4-6 months. Total cost and time depends on severity and duration of symptoms + health issues, as well as client compliance. Be prepared to invest in functional lab testing and supplementation. If you’re looking for more cost-effective health support, consider joining one of the group programs.

Erin’s private work currently focuses on gut health, microbiome restoration and autoimmune root cause resolution. If you’re looking for guidance specifically for adrenal, thyroid and/or hormonal support, it’s recommended that you start with Your Hormone Revival.

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