women's health

Episode 53: When Your Doctor Doesn’t Believe Your Pain

Interview with Dr. Cristin Zaimes

What do you do when your doctor doesn’t listen? When your provider doesn’t believe you?

The recent Selma Blair interview on Good Morning America brought to light a scary fact: women are not being heard by their medical providers. Chronic conditions are going undiagnosed for YEARS, despite the fact that women are reporting real physical problems.

As seen with Selma Blair, this lack of care can have irreversible consequences.

On Episode 53 of the Funk’tional Nutrition Podcast, I interview Dr. Cristin Zaimes of Oceanside Physical Therapy to discuss how sexism in healthcare creates shame and distrust in our own bodies.

 We discuss what can we do to change this -- including ways to tap into our innate power to heal.

  • Sexism in Healthcare

  • Why Women Aren’t Being Listened To

  • Why does pain go on so long?

  • Neural networks

  • Hypervigilance in the body

  • Re-establishing Resiliency in Your Body

  • Your power to heal

  • Building out a health care team

  • How to Find Trust in Healthcare Again

Episode 52: Our Go-To Labs and Functional Testing

In this episode we discuss how to use labs to practice preventative medicine and answer the listener question, “what are the top 3 lab tests one should look into if you just want to begin taking general health inventory?”.

  • Pathological vs. functional ranges

  • Functional labs + when to use them

  • Costs of labs -- are they worth it?

  • Labs as motivating factor

  • Continuity of care

  • The importance (and power) of referrals

  • Personal healthcare & finances

Episode 49: Why You Need To Test Your Thyroid (and how to do it)

A must-listen for nutritionists and practitioners-to-be!

  • The one social media experience that made me stop comparing

  • Recap for practitioners

  • Does your practitioner even research, bro?

  • Why practitioners need to be okay with failing

  • Thyroid health and brain health

  • Systems in the body that thyroid affects

  • Why testing TSH doesn’t cut it

  • Diet for Hashimoto’s

  • Thyroid labs you need

Episode 48: Exploring Female Hormones & Birth Control with Dr. Jolene Brighten

Interview with Dr. Jolene Brighten

  • What is Post Birth Control Syndrome and why you should care

  • When your doctor doesn’t believe your story

  • When medicine borders on dogma

  • Why birth control is NOT “the pill for every female ill”

  • Doctors are not a one-size-fits-all: the importance of building a healthcare team

  • A brief history of birth control

  • How birth control can delay your diagnosis

  • What pain with sex & chronic yeast infections have in common

  • Vaginal pain & shame

  • Why you need to be a troublemaker

  • The nutrients depleted by birth control

  • Foods to eat if you take hormonal birth control

  • How birth control affects your thyroid, hormones and gut

  • Birth control, leaky gut & autoimmune disease

  • Is the pill causing your depression?

  • The two theories of depression and how birth control affects both

  • The importance of your period & cycle regularity

  • Amenorrhea after the pill

  • Tests to ask for if your period is irregular or missing

  • How insulin, blood sugar regulation affect your hormones

  • How stress affects fertility

  • The best hormone, thyroid & adrenal tests

Episode 45: Supporting Female Hormonal Cycles

Interview with Sami Magliozzi

  • Understanding the 4 parts of our cycle

  • How our menstrual cycle phases affect our energy, mood, nutritional needs, exercise, etc.

  • How to eat in line with your cycle

  • How moon cycles are intertwined with our female hormonal cycles

  • What can disrupt our normal hormonal cycle

  • Reasons for Hunger and mood changes with menstruation

  • Herbs & practices to support the different parts of the cycle

  • Natural period options & tampon alternatives

  • Blood color -- what does it mean?

  • Natural options for birth control

Resources mentioned:

Lunette menstrual cup

Episode 43: Intersectional Feminism & the Co-opting of Movements: Interview with Chrissy King

Interview with Chrissy King

  • Overcoming the fear of leaving a FT job to pursue her dreams

  • Examining and questioning the stories we tell ourselves

  • Intersectional feminism

  • Specific ways to leverage your priviledge

  • Difference between guilt and shame

  • How to be a part of the conversation when you don’t know what to say

  • What to do when you get it wrong

  • Resources for learning more about intersectional feminism

  • The problems with performative feminism

  • Thin privilege & the co-opting of the body positive movement

Episode 25: Healing with Herbs

Interview with herbalist Amy KcKelvey from Her Vital Way

  • History of herbs

  • Can you overdo supplements? Dosing for herbs

  • Essentials oil safety

  • Where to start with supplements

  • How to make tea infusions

  • Zinc and copper balance

  • Herbs for skin & hormonal acne

  • Herbs for constipation

  • Herbs for sleep and anxiety

  • Adaptogens

  • How to energize your life

  • How to maximize benefits from supplements

  • Menstrual cramps