vitamin d

Episode 62: Lyme Prevention & Gut Health

  • Chronic Lyme and Chronic Fatigue

  • Post-Treatment Lyme Syndrome

  • Antibiotic effects on mitochondria

  • Why Germ Theory Got it Wrong

  • Gut health + immune function

  • Two most important things to do for your health

  • The best ways to get vitamin D

  • Supplements for immune support

  • Lyme prevention

  • What to do if you get bit by a tick

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Immune Boosting Chocolate Shake Recipe

Minding Your Mitochondria Ted Talk

Shop safe sunscreen here

Vitamin D and safe sun exposure

Guide to safe sunscreen

Healing Lyme Book

Astragalus caps

Astragalus tincture

Organic Astragalus root powder

Vitamin C powder

Liposomal Vitamin C

Cod Liver Oil

Andrographis tincture

Green clay powder

Episode 27: Vitamind D, Sunscreen + How to Stay Safe in the Sun

Find our personal favorite sunscreen here!

  • Erin and Kyle’s school wrap up + summer plans

  • Why you need vitamin D + ways to naturally get it

  • Who is prone to vitamin D deficiency

  • How to determine how much sun you can tolerate

  • Problems with chemical sunscreens

  • What to absolutely avoid when buying sunscreen

  • What to look for when buying sunscreen

  • Our personal favorite sunscreen

  • Should you take a vitamin D supplement

  • What type of vitamin D supplement to look for