eating disorders

Episode 50: Eating Disorders & The Power of Sharing Your Story: Interview with Meg Doll

Interview with Nutritionist Meg Doll

  • Meg’s experience with eating disorder at the age of 10

  • Death or grief as impetus for eating disorders

  • Meg’s final straw with her eating disoder + an a-ha moment

  • Eating disorders as mental illness

  • Traditional eating disorder recovery

  • When eating disorders are disguised as “being healthy”

  • How to change diet culture

  • Why it’s important to share your experience

  • How to find your unique voice

  • The power of the ripple effect

  • Recovery as a process

  • Busting through food fear

  • When we see food cravings as failure

  • How to determine what diet is right for you

  • Meg’s take on keto, low carb and fasting

  • Women + carbs

Episode 32: Competitive Training & Intuitive Eating

Interview with Run Far Girl Sarah Canney

  • Using competition to your advantage rather than demise

  • Self competition + body image issues

  • “Earning” your food through exercise

  • Intuitive eating

  • Intuitive training without injury

  • Balancing goals with physical health

  • Cyclical training

  • Dealing with comparison on social media

  • Running with pregnant - is it safe

  • Postpartum recovery

  • Transformation Tuesdays

  • Plant iron vs. animal iron with anemia