Episode 69: Morals, Stigma, Shame & Food: The Power of Intuitive Eating with Dr. Jillian Murphy

Interview with Dr. Jillian Murphy

“Food is bio-psycho-social. It is so much more than just fuel. And so sometimes we make decisions that are ultimately for the best of our physical selves. And sometimes we make choices for our mental-emotional selves.”

  • Relationship Between Weight & Health

  • Bridging Functional Medicine & Intuitive Eating

  • Body Positivity

  • Why the Reverse Diet Mentality is Actually Badass

  • Why Saying Yes is a Power Move

  • The Bio-Psycho-Social Aspects of Food

  • Eating on Vacation

  • Morals, Stigma, Shame & Food

  • How Restrictive Eating Breeds Compulsive Eating

  • The Problem with Demonizing Emotional Eating

  • 3 Steps for Overeaters

  • What the Minnesota Starvation Experiment Taught us About Calories

  • Why 1200-1500 Calories is a Starvation Diet

  • The One Mantra You Need 

  • Raising Competent Eaters

  • Division of Responsibility for Children & Parents