Episode 61: Using Your Cycle to Plan Your Life: Menstruation, Ovulation & Tracking Hormones

Interview with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack of Fertility Friday

“Every person on earth is here because of their mother’s menstrual cycle. It really makes you think: why don’t we have more reverence and appreciation for the it?”

  • The power of cycle tracking

  • What is a vital sign?

  • Female Athlete Triad

  • Osteoporosis risk factors

  • What does it mean when you skip periods

  • What a normal, healthy cycle looks like (and why you need to know)


  • What to do if you have severe cramping and bleeding

  • What your diet has to do with your PMS symptoms

  • How your personal care products contribute to your cramps

  • How to start paying attention to your cycle

  • The best ways to track ovulation

  • The best ways to track your hormones

  • 3 main signs of fertility

  • Rhythm Method vs. Fertility Awareness Method

  • IUDs and Copper IUDs

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