Episode 60: Weight Gain and Identity Loss

Maybe you’re coming around to the idea that chronic under-eating and yo-yo dieting has contributed to some of your health issues. Maybe you’re starting to understand that in order to get well, you might need to do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what diet culture tells you. In order to feel better (balance hormones/reduce fatigue/support fertility/support immune system) you might actually have to EAT MORE and WORKOUT LESS.


What happens when the "fit, thin, healthy girl” starts to gain weight?

In this episode I interview Denver based NTP and women’s health coach Jessica Christin. Jess shares her story of disordered eating, over-exercise, and the identity crisis that came with taking charge of her health.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Who she blames for her battle with disordered eating

  • Exercise addiction

  • When eating dysfunction is the societal norm

  • Food & exercise control

  • Tools to use when you feel out of control

  • When weight gain trigger loss of identity

  • What to do if you don’t handle stress well

  • Why your practitioner can’t do the work for you

  • Self love + recovery

  • What do your relationships have to do with your food intake?