Episode 56: Oral Health with Primal Life Organics

Interview with Primal Life Organics

  • Why oral health directly impacts gut health

  • Boosting immunity through your mouth

  • Signs your teeth are losing minerals

  • How to remineralize teeth

  • Is it possible to reverse a cavity

  • Leaky gut and “leaky gums”

  • Why gum health is so important

  • What causes bad breath?

  • Toothpaste ingredients to avoid

  • The problems with glycerine in your natural toothpaste

  • Fluoride: Yes or No?

  • Natural ways to whiten teeth

  • The power of healthy saliva

  • How to detox your mouth from heavy metals

  • Travel tips for cleaning your teeth

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Bubblegum tooth powder

Unsweetened spearmint tooth powder (my fave!!)

Sweetened peppermint tooth powder