What I ate + my thoughts on detox

I'm running another group cleanse starting this Sunday, as I've been mentioning on Facebook and elsewhere.  I use the word "cleanse" because it's kind of a buzzword and it gets people's attention.  And it's attention that I want.  Because these programs aren't about dieting for two weeks, then returning to your normal eating patterns.  They're about changing the way you look at food altogether.

Throughout the holidays, we delight in the season of abundance, but usually end up meeting January with feelings of guilt and remorse.  The media only enhances our inclination to repent our indulgent holiday sins.  DETOX!  NEW YEAR'S DIET! NEW YOU!  But the problem is, like with anything, there's no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to cleansing and purifying the body.  Our bodies are actually designed to detoxify.  They are built to remove waste and toxins, and they do so on a daily basis.  However, sometimes they get a little overwhelmed and jammed up.  So yes - late nights, holiday parties, festive libations and large meals spread out over several weeks can jam things up.  That's when we help ourselves out with self care techniques, hydration, and whole, natural foods.  We allow the body to do what it was designed to do.  We set it up for success.  But here's the catch: this isn't a once-a-year undertaking.  This is a continual process.

My goal in designing and leading you through these cleanses is for you to learn some new things about food and about your health.  To help you crowd out some of your unhealthy habits in order to make room for better ones.  In order to promote chronic health, you'll take some of this newfound information and these habits beyond the two week of the cleanse.

To be clear, this program is not about deprivation, starvation or restriction.  It's about eating real, whole foods.  And learning some ways to do that.  Every participant is encouraged to take the cleanse to their level of comfort.  We all come to this for different reasons and with different goals.   Check out what I ate the other day - one whole day's worth of meals.  Everything I ate could be deemed "cleanse-worthy", so this could serve as a typical day on the cleanse.


Smoothie with banana, blueberries, beet, soaked goji berries, chia seeds, maca powder & coconut kefir

I'm still having trouble stomaching green smoothies - some weird pregnancy thing - so I added a beet to this guy.  Plus loads of super foods - none of which are required, but will be discussed, during the cleanse.


Organic Apple


Salad with falafel

Bed of mixed greens + raw broccoli salad (made with a cashew sauce and raisins) + homemade falafel (chickpeas, herbs, almond meal, lemon juice) leftover from the night before.  And a bowl of grapes on the side.  Followed  up with peppermint tea.


Roasted Sweet Potato, Raw Slaw and Collard Wrap

I topped the sweet potato with avocado, then spread more avocado and sweet potato onto a large collard green leaf.  I added some chickpea salad and served up some raw slaw on the side.

Post-dinner snack

Rice cake + raw almond butter + raisins with half an organic pear on the side

An after dinner snack is a non negotiable for me at 5 months pregnant...especially if I eat an early dinner.

So, there it is.  Lots of food.  No starvation.  Short-term deprivation does not achieve long-term results. When we start from an extreme place and seek extreme results, we set ourselves up for extreme disappointment.