What I Ate in a Day

Another day, another dolla. You guys asked for more, so here it is. What I Ate!

Wake up 5:30am

A dream woke me up and then I was up for the day. I chugged some water, then promptly pounded coffee. Two cups - half decaf/half regular - each cup blended with about 1 tsp of coconut oil. I am definitely one of those people whose mornings hasn't started until I have coffee in my hand. The decaf is my attempt at curbing my caffeine intake. I drink a water-processed decaf, so I'm not worried about the chemicals that are often used to remove caffeine from the coffee beans.


Right after my coffee I ate a large banana with sunflower seed butter (probably a good 2 heaping tablespoons). I needed to put something in my belly before my Bikram Yoga practice, but I can't eat right before it or I feel sick. Sunflower seed butter is my new obsession. I used to really not like it - I thought it was too bitter or something - but now I love it and I want to eat it all the time. The kind I usually get is in a plastic jar. That's not my favorite, but it's so rare that I eat anything out of a plastic container, that I don't stress over it.

9am-10:30am Bikram Yoga

Had to remove a tree from the road in order to get to class. THAT'S how much I love yoga. Drank water mixed with Ultima on the way to and during class.

I usually eat a snack or a smoothie right after practice, but instead I headed straight home and made breakfast. I still should have eaten the Larabar I had in my yoga bag, because I had the wonky blood sugar shakes by the time my breakfast was ready. THAT'S THE PITS.

11am : late breakfast

3 pastured eggs from a local farm cooked in ghee. These were HUGE eggs.

1 small roasted sweet potato (leftover)

A ton of local sauteed baby kale

Real Pickles fermented red cabbage


I followed up breakfast with some ginger tea, homemade hemp milk, honey and cinnamon

2:30pm : Lunch

Salad made with Bibb lettuce, shredded carrots, hemp seeds, homemade tahini (sesame seeds, olive oil, lemon juice + salt in a food processor) + Mason Jar Dressing. A few (thousand) nibbles of dark chocolate. (Sometimes I stave off mid-afternoon coffee/caffeine cravings by housing respectfully enjoying all the some dark chocolate.)


I ate an apple.

6:30pm : Supper

Frozen wild caught shrimp baked in homemade marinara (I make a ton at once and then freeze in batches. However, when I don't have some on hand, I'll buy Rao's Sauce. It's the closest jar sauce to homemade I've ever tried. It's not organic, but there's no junk in it, and you can find it at most grocery stores.)

Spaghetti squash with marinara

Sauteed kale drizzled with EVOO and salt

8pm : Dessert

Why not? I made my Avocado Chocolate Pudding, but thinned it out with a little extra coconut milk. The bottom layer is a mix of shredded coconut and dates that I pulsed in the food processor. Topped with sliced banana. I know this is kinda cray, but I was craving a dessert. And honestly, I love to tinker in the kitchen, so stuff like this happens often. My husband doesn't complain.