The Perfect Yogi

“By your stumbling, the world is perfected.”

Sri Aurobindo

We all struggle with the mistakes we make.  We all struggle with our own ideas of perfection.  This was never more true for me than when I first began teaching yoga.  Here's an excerpt from a guest blog I wrote for 3 Bridges Yoga, the studio where I teach.

A couple of weeks before I graduated yoga teacher training, I got an email from [the 3 Bridges Yoga owner] asking if I had any interest teaching at their studio – a cosmic thing for sure, as I was drafting my own proposition the week I received their offer. At first I was SO excited – this was exactly what I was looking for! – and then the self-doubt set in. Who did I think I was to teach yoga? I was fresh off the boat from training, with no experience under my belt. I barely viewed myself as a yogi, never mind a yoga teacher. I had never been to India, I drank wine and whiskey, I stayed up late, I sometimes said the F word, I lost my temper, and I was pretty sure I would NEVER be able to do Titibasana. I was far from the pure-bodied, serene yogis I read about in books and saw in magazines. How could I teach this yoga thing to other people? Who was I kidding?

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