Meditation to Discover Balance and Self Healing

The wilderness is my spiritual compass. 

It’s how I connect to something bigger than myself. If I’m feeling lost, overwhelmed or out of sorts, nothing soothes my soul like a walk in the woods. This is something I discovered over the past 5 year while I was going through hell & back with my health.

My illness didn’t make sense; I was a smart girl that did everything right. How did I end up sick? I had questions that needed answering. And so my illness launched me into an exploration of other parts of my Self; I had to move beyond just my physical body. 

You see, there are four parts — or pillars — of the Whole Self:

Our physical body (hello, diet culture. Hello injuries and illnesses)

Our mind, logic, work & productivity (hello, modern American)

Our soul and connection to spirit

Our loving, our emotions and our relationships


We tend to get locked into one or two of these aspects (body & mind for many of us). 

When something isn’t working or feels off in our life, we tend to hyperfocus on that one aspect.

(I hate my body — I must change it so I can love myself. I feel invalidated at work — I must work harder to feel a sense of self worth.)

Many of my clients are fixated on the BODY pillar - they want to lose weight, but can’t. They want to feel well, but don’t know where to start. They want answers, but their doctors tell them “everything is normal”. They want solutions, but nothing seems to work.

So much of the work that I do as a functional nutritionist is body-centric. I evaluate & track symptoms, I read labs, I run functional tests, I talk about food and movement and supplementation.


I also must go beyond with my clients. Because our bodies are only as healthy as our relationship to spirit, as our connection to others, as our emotional competence. There is no separation. 

Body is necessary. Physiology is important. Understanding the practicality of what our bodies require is a must. But oftentimes what we must do to truly bring ourselves into balance is to pivot on our axis — turn away from the things that we’re trying so hard to FIX, the things we’re SO immersed in, and recognize there are other areas of our self that may need our attention and attunement.

So while I got the science degree in dietetics, and continue on with more body-centric nutrition & health training, I’ve also:

  • Completed a 6 month meditation training in 2009

  • Completed a year long intuition training & mentorship in 2011

  • Became a certified health coach in 2011

  • Became a certified yoga teacher in 2012

  • Completed a spiritual coaching certification last month (2018)

And I continue to work with mentors and guides because, as one of my teachers Jessica Flanigan says, “you can only go as far with clients as you have gone yourself”.

You can listen to my interview with her here.


The beauty of my 1:1 membership program is that you get access to all of it. We dive deep on the body stuff to help you discover the root of why you’re feeling what you’re feeling. But we also go deeper than that. We go beyond…to get you in touch with your entire being. Helping you figure out what your wild compass is. Opening up your vision to seeing your full 360 degree picture. And maybe - just maybe -  taking the focus off the body for a minute to give you space to heal, change and grow.


I recorded a guided meditation to share with my readers today. This is a Meditation to Discover Balance and Self Healing. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you discovered in the comments below!