FAQ about the EHH Spring Cleanse

Skeptical about starting a cleanse?  Not sure what it entails?  Read these Frequently Asked Questions to find out if the EHH Spring Cleanse is right for you!



Q: What is the EHH Spring Cleanse?

A: This 12 day cleanse is a gentle way to reset eating habits and provide the body with whole food nutrition.  By eliminating the consumption of processed foods and food additives, we reduce toxic load on the body.  The EHH Spring Cleanse is a way to bring your body back into balance and will recharge energy, release extra weight and make you feel great!



Q: Will I be eating food on this cleanse?

A: YES!  This is NOT a fast or deprivation diet.  Short term deprivation will not lead to long term success.  The aim of this cleanse is for you to establish SUSTAINABLE healthy eating habits.  I want you to feel your personal best and MAINTAIN that feeling beyond the cleanse.



Q: I have a lot going on right now.  Maybe this isn't the best time for a cleanse...?

A: I understand that you can't put your life on hold for two weeks in order to do this cleanse, nor should you have to for any diet plan!  You can maintain family, work, social obligations and even exercise while cleansing!  The healthy foods will energize you rather than stripping you down - there's no better time than right now!!



Q: Do I have to give up caffeine/wine/meat/fill in the blank...?

A: This is a cleanse, so we will be streamlining your current diet.  That means there will be several things that you will reduce or eliminate for 12 days.  However, you don't HAVE to give up anything.  You will receive loads of education, motivation and support along the way  - you decide for yourself what you are comfortable giving up and what makes the most sense for your own body.



Q: Do I have to purchase any supplements for this cleanse?

A: No!  We will be nourishing our bodies with vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts and grains.  No powders, no pills, no potions - just food!  There is no better supplement in the world than REAL FOOD!



Q: Is exercise part of this cleanse?

A: This cleanse is primarily a food program, however daily movement and fresh air is encouraged.



Q: How will I know how to get started?

A: Two days before the cleanse begins, you will receive an email with the EHH Spring Cleanse Booklet.  This booklet will include a grocery list, shopping suggestions, food preparation suggestions, recipes, suggested meal plans, nutrition information and other healthy tips & tricks.  The cleanse begins as a group Monday, June 3 and we will use a private Facebook group to connect along the length of the journey!