Corporate Wellness


when it comes to getting healthy...

Lack of time is our #1 obstacle. We’re strung out, burnt out, and multitasked to the max. Taking care of ourselves often takes a backseat to the laundry lists of tasks we must complete each day.


I see this in my nutrition practice every day. How to “fit in” nutrition, fitness and stress management has become a major area of intervention when working with clients.


Since Americans spend most of their day at work, addressing health in the workplace can be one successful approach. Implementing a culture of wellness benefits both the employee and the employer, which is why wellness programs are a big trend in business.


Erin Holt Health can contribute the following to your Wellness Program:


During my programs, talks and meetings, I offer my insight, experience and humor. I deliver pertinent information, discuss why it matters, and address how to realistically implement it in your life.


Ultimately, I want people to feel well, and I want to help them get there. Is this something you’d like for your employees or coworkers? Contact me. I work with companies and groups both large and small.