The Carb Compatibility Project™

An intuitive 4 week plan to determine your body's unique carbohydrate needs and end the carb confusion



You’ve heard about the merits of a low carb diet - you may have even attempted one yourself.

But you have questions.


Will a low carb diet help me lose weight?

Is a low carb diet good for my gut? Is it bad for my hormones?

Can I do low carb if I work out?

Is low carb the same thing as keto? Is keto the same thing as Atkins?

How low is too low? How high is too high?

What are the good carbs? What are the less healthy carbs?

Is this right for me?


If only someone could just tell you what the perfect amount of carbs for your body is.


Here’s the secret: no one can tell you that. No person, no program, no paradigm. Only you have the answers.

You’ve got to turn down the noise from everybody else, listen to your body and let your inner wisdom be your guide. This is the one true way to end the carb confusion for good. 


I admit..."just listen to your body" is frustrating advice when you DON'T KNOW HOW. Learning to feed your body what it needs is a skill that requires practice.


The Carb Compatibility Project™ will show you how.

(without carb counting, calorie tracking, or My Fitness Pal logging)

Erin’s content and education has been helping me tap into my personal intuition and develop a healthy relationship with myself for years. Through the Carb Compatibility Project, she takes things a step further. Erin links scientific facts, guided experience and self respect, to find a way of eating that works best for YOU. I learned so much from the CCP, far beyond how many carbs I should eat in a day. It has given me a new sense of autonomy around food which is a big deal as I have struggled with disordered eating for countless years.
— Megan from New Jersey


Using weekly templates, you will step your way into your own carb threshold for optimal body function. It’s like Choose Your Own Adventure meets a Low Carb Diet.

You will give your body a chance to adjust to a new way of eating, with opportunities to pump the breaks. This is a platform to assess and receive feedback from your body.

We use whole food, nutrition science and mindfulness to gauge cooperation between carbs and your body.


You will gain the confidence to determine your own compatibility with carbs.

You will end the carb confusion once and for all.

(And P.S.? This work extends far beyond carbohydrates.)


You're not alone.


Between my stepdad doing Atkins when I was in middle school, to me attempting the Zone diet in high school, carbohydrate restriction was A Thing for as far back as I can remember.

Add to that the fat fear that laced the ‘90s and protein misinformation of my vegan 20s...and I was at war with every macronutrient for most of my life.

My story with macros is not exactly unique. I know you struggle, too.



I have worked with hundreds of women to cut through their food fear, carb confusion and macro mania.


While low carb diets can be extremely therapeutic and beneficial, approaching them with a restrictive diet mindset DOESN’T work. I speak from experience.

I have battled my own health issues from eating disorders and anxiety to adrenal fatigue and autoimmune disease. I’ve been forced to hone the skills of self trust and body intuition.

The reason I thrive today is because I've learned to give my body what it’s asking for.

I’ve found my own unique carb rhythm after years of tinkering and testing. What feels right in my body? How is my energy? How is my digestion? What do my labs say?

I created this program to help you determine your own carb sweet spot.

During the 4 weeks of The Carb Compatibility Project I found my sweet spot for how low to go and what type of carbs fuels my body best. I’ve lost the bloating and extra weight around my midsection and I have more energy than I have had in a long time.
— Cheri from Florida

How this program is different


You get personalized nutrition advice &

direct access to a qualified and experienced nutritionist.


I will be there every step of the way, answering your questions in an exclusive Facebook group with weekly live videos. 


What others are saying about our private CCP group:


"I really liked how you addressed each question in such depth. I loved the once a week response and knowing you were there if we had concerns."


"I'm glad we had question and answer time on Facebook and the ability to post questions. Made me feel like I had personal attention."


"It is helpful to learn from other participants questions and experiences to become more aware myself in areas I had not considered. Whether I listened live or replay, I always gained more valuable understanding."


"Even though I was at work and didn't watch live they were very helpful. It was a good queue to start thinking about how I was feeling."


Each week includes:


+ Foods to include/foods to avoid list

+ 5 breakfast/5 lunch/5 dinner recipes that are whole food, nutrient dense & low sugar

+ Sample menus to make sure you’re eating enough of the right types of food

+ Audio lesson + written transcript for those who prefer reading to listening

+ Q+A video calls

+ Mindful Eating Bonus



Bonus (optional) prep week week of material to prepare and transition into the program.

I had never gone “low carb” before and was so happy to have Erin guiding me through it. It made me feel comfortable as she explained what was going on in my body in a clear, concise way through the 4 weeks. I was excited for the next week to start because my body responded so well to the small changes I was making. I will carry the tips and tools I learned from this program in my day to day life going forward.
— Jessica from Massachusetts

Weekly topics




  • Macros: carbs, protein, fat

  • Types of carbohydrates: the good, the bad, the ugly

  • How many carbs we need

  • How many calories we need

  • Blood sugar regulation explained + why it’s SO important

  • High carb vs. moderate carb vs. low carb vs. very low carb

  • How to determine if you would do better on a lower-carb or moderate-carb diet

Total recording time: 60 minutes




  • Adrenal fatigue: what causes it, how to assess if you have it, what to do about it

  • How to eat to get your energy back

  • Types of female hormonal imbalance and how to eat for hormonal balance

  • Thyroid health, especially in relation to low carb diets

  • When and why you should be conscientious of dropping carbohydrates TOO low

  • PCOS

  • Insulin resistance and how to correct it

Total recording time: 53 minutes




  • Signs of going TOO low carb

  • The best time to eat carbs

  • Carb cycling

  • Pre and post workout nutrition

  • Gut health and the microbiome

  • SIBO and low FODMAPs

  • Potential problems with low carb diets and how to safeguard yourself against them

Total recording time: 62 minutes




  • Nutritional ketosis

  • Pros and cons of keto diet

  • How to determine if the ketogenic diet is right for you

  • The best ways to avoid keto flu

  • Intermittent fasting: what is it and should you do it

  • Benefits and downsides of fasting

Total recording time: 36 minutes



I’m feeling like 26 instead of 46! I loved this whole entire thing - I don’t feel like it was a “program” but more like a “life change” - not just for me, but the whole family! There’s no question that is just now how I eat and I LOVE it!
— Jen from Florida


You will learn

  • how to tell if you’re eating too many carbs

  • how to tell if you’re not eating enough

  • how and why to use a low carb diet for weight loss

  • how and why to use a low carb diet for PCOS and insulin resistance

  • how and why to use a low carb diet for gut health

  • how to approach a lower carbohydrate diet without eradicating all the beneficial bacteria in your gut

  • what to do if you have poor digestion

  • what to do if you don’t digest fats well

  • the best carb approach for adrenal fatigue

  • the relationship between carbs, fats and female hormones

  • whether or not a low carb diet is bad for the thyroid

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the time commitment for this project?

Do I think you need to be in the kitchen all day long or spend hours a day learning about nutrition in order to be healthy?


All of the recipes in this project were created for their ease of use. The Carb Compatibility Project provides simple ideas that don't take a lot of time or energy. The average dinner takes about 15 minutes to prep.



How many hours will the education component take each week?

All in, it's about 90 minutes or less per week.

That's only 12 minutes a day.

(If you're anything like me, you probably spend more time than that scrolling on Instagram!)



How is the program laid out?

All resources are rolled out on Friday afternoon to give you time to look through recipes and plan for the start of the week (Monday).

Weekly recipes and food templates are delivered in a PDF booklet. This booklet will take you no more than 15 minutes to read, although you’ll probably reference back to it throughout the week for recipes! You will receive 4 booklets total.

There will also be two recorded lessons: one on nutrition, one on mindful eating. Total recording times are all indicated above. You can listen to each week's lesson in one fell swoop, or in small doses as you have time throughout the week. I have them set up as recordings so you can access them on the fly -- while getting ready in the morning, in the car, or in your headphones while on a walk.

(There is also the option to read the transcript of recordings if you prefer.)

Finally, there is a private Facebook group where you can direct questions, ideas and experiences. Midweek, I host a live Q+A video. Here is where I will answer your questions directly and help you troubleshoot any issues. Average length of these videos is 10 minutes.



Can I access the live Q+A videos after they’re recorded?


You DO NOT have to attend this live video; the replay is posted afterward and remains available throughout length of program.



Do I have to be on Facebook to do this program?

The Facebook group is not required, although it is recommended. This is one of the ways content will be delivered, so you will miss some information if you opt out. Keep in mind the Facebook group is the only way to contact me directly. Previous CCP participants appreciated the personalized attention the Facebook group offers.



Is this a good plan for weight loss?

It is definitely a planned catered toward safe weight loss. Some of the resources do discuss weight loss and weight loss resistance. If you do have significant weight to lose, I'd say the only way you wouldn't lose weight is if there's an underlying health issue, as the body prioritizes healing over weight loss. Having said that, this plan is designed to regulate blood sugar and reduce inflammation, so in theory it can be a healing way of eating in and of itself.

Can I do the CCP if I’m already keto?

 I didn't design this program for those who are already in ketosis; I designed it for those wondering about a low carb diet and whether or not it would work for them. Having said that...

Common drawbacks of the keto diet: it feels unsustainable, it's overly restrictive, it lacks variety, and it causes diet paralysis (knowing it's not right, but too nervous to change anything).

I had a lot of female clients unnecessarily locked into a very low carb diet, afraid to deviate. This needless restriction and food/carb fear is part of the reason I designed the CCP. 

We know that lack of variety in the diet can negatively impact the gut microbiome and also lead to nutrient deficiencies and adrenal problems (amongst other things) which is why I worked so much variety into the program. This is so if folks *want* to attempt keto, they can do it in a safe and effective way.

So if you are already "keto", but you're feeling some of the things I just mentioned, then the CCP could be a good experiment for you. See how you feel adding in more variety and potentially more carbs. 


Carbohydrate intake exists on a spectrum.

Let’s figure out where you fall on that spectrum so you can feel your best!



The Carb Compatibility Project | $199

4 week program begins Monday, January 6th

This program is a great way to discover how your body feels with different amounts of carbs. You are never forced to go very low carb, but can if it feels right for you. I did not experience the “keto flu” because we gradually lowered our carbs. I was surprised that I could eat that low carb and still feel good. I learned a lot and made many of the delicious and easy recipes!
— Amy from New Hampshire
I learned so much from the Carb Compatibility Project™ and have a handle on what I know I can eat without feeling yucky/not be a crazy bitch when the clock strikes 5 pm. Whee! I have an arsenal of good recipes that I make regularly. Not only that though; I also feel more body positive/empowered and I feel like your posts and general attitude have a lot to do with that. So thanks, a lot.
— Sarah from New Hampshire