Detox Guide

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Detox Guide


**Be sure to download the file immediately after purchase, as the link will expire in 24 hours.**


This 15 page guide includes:

  • How to safely, effectively & properly support the body's detoxification pathways
  • Why detox programs don't do what you think they do - and why they can do more harm than good
  • Nutrients, foods & supplements to focus on
  • 3 Day Detox Food Plan with specific recipes 
  • Beyond food: other ways to detox your system
  • 11 minute podcast recording All About Detox!

Who is this Detox Guide for?

  • Anyone looking to reduce their toxic load
  • Anyone looking for a seasonal detox (this is great to do quarterly!)
  • Anyone looking for sound and safe recommendations, rather than what's trendy
  • Anyone coming off vacation or period of "overload"
  • A female coming off of birth control or dealing with hormonal imbalance
  • Please note: The information in this guide is great for vegetarians, however the 3 day meal plan is not catered to vegetarians
  • Also note: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, now is not the best time for a focused detox. If you have a specific health issue, please consult with your doctor first.



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