Modern women put an insane amount of pressure on ourselves to look and perform a certain (perfect) way.

These impossible standards create a great deal of chronic, low-grade stress, which often goes unrealized because it’s so commonplace in today’s world. In other words, we don’t even acknowledge the stress - we think we should be able to handle it all.

Unfortunately, this concealed pressure grinds down the endocrine, digestive and immune systems overtime, leading to fatigue, hormonal issues, thyroid disorder and autoimmunity. 

Yet when we discuss our feelings of exhaustion, burnout, brain fog, weight gain, bloating or aches & pains with our physicians, we’re often told EVERYTHING IS NORMAL. So we leave feeling invalidated, under-diagnosed, more stressed, and like it’s all our fault. The war with ourselves persists.


As an integrative & functional nutritionist, I work with women all along this continuum. Together, we address the original root(s) of the body’s imbalance and put systems in place to support them.

When you work with me, you will learn to eat what serves you. You will gain the confidence to make the right choices for you.

You will end the the life-long war on your body.

You will feel good again.

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21 days of nutrition education & lifestyle support



Carb Compatibility Project™

An intuitive 4 week plan to determine your body's unique carbohydrate needs and end the carb confusion


Which program is right for you?

How is the Carb Compatibility Project™ different than Fueled+Fit™?

The Fueled+Fit™ nutrition program is currently offered as a "self study", meaning you can start it at anytime. This program teaches you how to shift toward a whole-foods diet approach. You learn a lot about choosing food, how to shop, how to seek out ingredients, how your stress response works, how digestion works, and what you can do to help it all along. There are 3 levels within that program so you can really meet yourself where you're at. There is daily content rolled out, along with a 100+ page book to kick things off.

If you’re looking to adopt a real food lifestyle, learn the ins and outs and the how-tos, Fueled+Fit™ is perfect for you.

The Carb Compatibility Project™ is offered as a live program, meaning you'll be with a group of women all doing it at the same time. There will be weekly content rolled out over the 4 weeks: food templates, weekly lessons, and weekly intuitive eating practices. I will be answering questions via FB live videos each week to make sure you're getting the personalized help you need.

The Carb Compatibility Project™ doesn't spend much time going over the same concepts of Fueled+Fit™. This project assumes that you're already familiar with the principles of a whole foods diet and takes them a step further, talking more specifically about calories and carbohydrates, dialing in more specific macronutrient ratios. We also explore higher-level concepts, including blood sugar regulation, hormonal health, gut health, pre- and post-workout nutrition, and more. The Carb Compatibility Project™ is designed with low carb exploration in mind. We start with a moderate carb diet and slowly work down to a low carb diet. There is a chance toward the end to experiment with very low carb/high fat (aka keto) way of eating.

If you’re already comfortable with a whole foods diet, but want to continue to experiment and dial in your unique nutrition, the Carb Compatibility Project™ is perfect for you.

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