I've been creating my own simple jewelry here and there for a few years now...specifically when I either couldn't find or couldn't afford exactly what I wanted. More recently, I started making malas as a form of meditation: to cultivate concentration and patience. I started selling my pieces locally, and due to high interest, have decided to add them to my site.

I purchase my stones and supplies from a local business (and the stones are often hand picked by the owner). All malas are hand knotted on silk thread. Price depends on cost of stones, as well as how time intensive a piece is.

Malas can be worn as a long necklace, or double wrapped for a shorter style. Please keep in mind that if you are using as a traditional mala for japa meditation, then there is a chance that the mala could break (some consider this the close of a karmic circle and time to set a new intention). My fee to restring a mala is $20 (plus cost of replacement beads, if necessary).

I accept custom orders. Here's how it works: interested parties tell me specific stones you like and/or colors you prefer and/or intentions for your mala (certain themes or issues you are working in your life, areas where you would like support). I pick out the stones and design your mala based on this.

Contact me to request a custom mala or to order one you see!

Below are photos of malas I have created and sold. Follow me on Instagram for more up to date pieces!

Moon Magic Bracelet $42

Stretchy bracelet made with faceted moonstone, rhodonite and rose quartz

Tranquil & True $128

howlite, kambaba jasper + beautiful faceted moonstone

Let Go of Fear $148

matte onyx with faceted amazonite & gorgeous faceted aquamarine pieces hand knotted on lavender silk, tied off with a cool fossil piece

Peace & Truth $128

howlite and amazonite hand knotted on taupe silk with faceted rhodonite & fancy jasper pendant

release cords, clear out attachments and blocked energy and help bring peace to those areas of your life

Self Love $128

rose quartz, faceted smoky quartz and rhodonite hand knotted on red silk with fancy jasper pendant self love is all you need

Calm & Clarity $108

sandalwood, howlite, and amazonite hand knotted on white silk with just a touch of rose quartz and apple jasper pendant

get clear and speak your peaceful truth

New Year $108

6mm green aventurine and sodalite hand knotted on brown silk, topped off with raw agate

move into your new year of prosperity and opportunity guided by your own intuition

The Chakra Mala $148

matte black onyx, carnelian, yellow jade, green aventurine and lapis lazuli hand knotted with so much care on taupe silk, with a deep red jasper pendant

balance your chakras and run clear energy

Making Moves $108

carnelian, rose quartz and mookaite jasper hand knotted on silk, finished with a stunning yellow jade pendant

empower your courageous side to blaze confidently forward

Release & Love $108

6mm moss agate, rose quartz and faceted rhodonite hand knotted on taupe silk with rose quartz pendant

squash those inner demons, find serenity and accept self love

Nurture & Heal $128

unakite jasper, rose quartz,faceted smoky quartz and rhodonite hand knotted on brown silk with a fancy jasper pendant

Green Serene $108

amazonite, sodalite, green aventurine hand knotted on silk with a smooth amazonite pendant