Functional Lab Tests I Offer

This is not an extensive list of labs I offer, however these are the ones I typically run in my practice.

Please keep in mind: not every client will require testing. Tests are reserved for when we need more information; they can help us discover root causes and come up with an extremely tailored plan. Also note: I am more than happy to work with recent labs run by other practitioners.

I understand that lab costs are something most of us need to budget for, which is why I'm sharing the cost of my most popular tests here. If there are other tests you are interested in, please don't hesitate to reach out.

I do not make a profit off these tests; I pass my cost (+processing fees) on directly to you.


Gut Health


GI Map Stool Test: $345


GI Map with Zonulin add-on: $405


SIBO breath test: $186



Hormones and Adrenal Health


Adrenal Function Panel: $119



Comprehensive Hormone Panel: $174




Food sensitivities & nutritional status


FIT Food Sensitivity and Inflammation Test: $299

(Finger prick)


Organix Organic Acids Comprehensive Profile: $350