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Hi!  I’m Erin.  I'm a recovering perfectionist and a former chronic dieter. I help women learn from my food and lifestyle mistakes. 

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I believe there is power in sharing our stories. Here's mine. This is why I created Erin Holt Health and what I do as a nutritionist.

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The "ground breaking" 21 day nutrition program that hundreds have found success with.

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Many of us take all the right steps with diet and exercise, yet fail to realize the importance of what we put on our bodies. Don't let your skincare hold back your health - you can stay safe AND still use fun, effective products.

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Where the magic happens. My kitchen is my workshop, my haven.  Around food, this girl is crafty like ice is cold. I dump my craft - my recipes, musings, hilarity and guidance - into my blog. I hope you enjoy it and learn a thing or two.

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