Episode 66: Thyroid Health + Hashimoto’s with Dr. Becky Campbell

Dr. Becky Campbell

  • Specific markers to ask for “full thyroid panel”

  • Conventional lab ranges vs/ functional lab ranges

  • The problem with waiting to test for antibodies

  • Diagnostic criteria for Hashimoto’s

  • Where to start with thyroid dysfunction

  • The tests that Dr. Campbell recommends

  • Gluten + Hashimoto’s

  • The thyroid - liver connection

  • The interplay between sex hormones + thyroid

  • Estrogen + Hashimoto’s

  • Testing for Epstein-Barr virus

  • The #1 most effective thing you should do for your adrenals

  • Thyroid medication - do you need to stop??

  • Postpartum immune & thyroid flare ups

  • What about HYPER-thyroidism?

  • Low T3 Syndrome

  • Why you’ve GOTTA fix your gut!

  • Is it possible to get Hashimoto’s in remission

  • The problem with chasing thyroid antibodies 

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