Episode 37: Liver Health, Bile Production & Intermittent Fasting

Is detox BS?

  • Why you should care about the health of your gallbladder

  • All about bile and why it’s such a superstar

  • Problems with reflux meds

  • Foods to improve digestion and increase bile production

  • My current fave daily elixir

  • Supplements for detoxification

  • Benefits & drawbacks of intermittent fasting

  • Female hormones and fasting

  • Who should NEVER attempt fasting

  • How to do it & Signs you should stop

Episode 34: Biological Dentistry with Dr. Kristen Graham

Interview with Dr. Kristen Graham

  • What is a biological dentist? How do you find one?

  • Nutrition & Oral Health

  • Clenching & Grinding Teeth

  • Fluoride: Yay or Nay?

  • Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth

  • Best Meal Timing for Oral Health

  • Top 3 (Inexpensive) Things You Can Do for Healthy Teeth

  • All About Mercury & Metal Fillings
    Mercury Toxicity and Detoxification

  • Root Canals, Cavities & More

  • What Does Candida Have to Do with Mercury Fillings?

  • The mouth and the gut

Episode 32: Competitive Training & Intuitive Eating

Interview with Run Far Girl Sarah Canney

  • Using competition to your advantage rather than demise

  • Self competition + body image issues

  • “Earning” your food through exercise

  • Intuitive eating

  • Intuitive training without injury

  • Balancing goals with physical health

  • Cyclical training

  • Dealing with comparison on social media

  • Running with pregnant - is it safe

  • Postpartum recovery

  • Transformation Tuesdays

  • Plant iron vs. animal iron with anemia

Episode 30: Low Carb Diets, Part 2

  • tracking macros

  • are low carb diets good for gut health?

  • difference between keto/low carb/moderate carb/high carb

  • do you need carbs at every meal?

  • carbs in dairy

  • micronutrients found in carbs

  • antioxidants for gut health

  • are white potatoes unhealthy?

  • resistant starch

  • is brown rice hard to digest?

  • brown rice vs. white rice

  • eating fruit in the summer

  • carb cycling

  • how many carbs do you really need?

  • Carb Compatibility Project™

Episode 27: Vitamind D, Sunscreen + How to Stay Safe in the Sun

Find our personal favorite sunscreen here!

  • Erin and Kyle’s school wrap up + summer plans
  • Why you need vitamin D + ways to naturally get it
  • Who is prone to vitamin D deficiency
  • How to determine how much sun you can tolerate
  • Problems with chemical sunscreens
  • What to absolutely avoid when buying sunscreen
  • What to look for when buying sunscreen
  • Our personal favorite sunscreen
  • Should you take a vitamin D supplement
  • What type of vitamin D supplement to look for

Episode 26: Your Sugar Questions Answered!

  • Refined, natural and artificial sweeteners - what’s best?
  • Diet soda & weight gain
  • Sneaky ingredients
  • Ways sugar are disguised
  • Nutritional issues with sugar
  • Blood sugar dysregulation & adrenal effects
  • High blood sugar, insulin resistance & brain inflammation
  • Effects of sugar on microbiome
  • How to combat cravings
  • Appropriate levels of consumption/how much is too much?

Episode 25: Healing with Herbs

Interview with herbalist Amy KcKelvey from Her Vital Way

  • History of herbs
  • Can you overdo supplements? Dosing for herbs
  • Essentials oil safety
  • Where to start with supplements
  • How to make tea infusions
  • Zinc and copper balance
  • Herbs for skin & hormonal acne
  • Herbs for constipation
  • Herbs for sleep and anxiety
  • Adaptogens
  • How to energize your life
  • How to maximize benefits from supplements
  • Menstrual cramps