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Fueled+Fit Repeat Customer

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Welcome back to Fueled + Fit!

Thanks for signing up! I’m so excited to have you along for this ride!

The program officially begins on Monday, May 1st.

Be sure to download the Fueled+Fit Book now, however. The download is only available 24 hours after purchase, so you want to save it right away. You should also save all other resources on this page for easy future access. 

When you're ready to get started, take a peek at the Fueled+Fit book. This is all the information, guidelines and prep work you need to get started. There is a LOT here, so settle in and take your time!

I've created a recording to help you with determining your level for the program. After taking the Choose Your Own Adventure quiz on page 8 of the F+F book, have a listen to clear up any questions or confusion.

Click here to download the F+F Levels Recording.

I've also created a video addressing some commonly asked questions. These are the top questions I see over and over again at the start of each program. Here's a disclaimer: I recorded the video on my computer, sitting on my bed (I was hiding out in my bedroom, away from toddler, husband and dog), so there's some strange bouncing movement. Just pretend you're at an IMAX movie. You could also turn it into a drinking game...drink anytime I say "um". (Hey, have you ever tried making a video of yourself? It's awkward.) Anyway, you'll see this as a general trend throughout the F+F program: rather than worry about being perfect, just show up and do your best. I've decided that I'd rather do something less-than-perfect than not do it at all. It has taken me 32 years to get to this point, and I consider it a victory. Ultimately, I want to get as much content into your hands as possible - even if it means there's a bouncing screen involved. ;)

I’ll be sending along an email with other PDFs and recordings with more information every day of this program, so be on the lookout for those!

I have created a private Facebook group for this program. It will be opened a few days before the program begins. This is the place to direct any questions you might have as you move throughout the Fueled+Fit program. I will be checking in daily once the program begins! 


***Special Bonus***

By request, I have added a Detox Guide to the Fueled+Fit program. This guide is designed to help you assist your body’s natural detoxification processes. These are gentle, everyday ways to “detox” your body. If you’re looking for a more focused plan, I’ve outlined some suggestions in this guide. This is not a Fueled+Fit requisite, but if you are interested, feel free to follow these guidelines for 3-7 days. You can do this before, during or after the Fueled+Fit program.

Click here to access the Detox Guide PDF.

Click here to access the All About Detox! Recording!

Watch the video below for a detoxifying breath exercise you can start today!


So, to recap:

1. Download Fueled+Fit Book.

2. Listen to Levels Recording.

3. Watch FAQ Video.

4. Enter Facebook group.


5. Listen to All About Detox! Recording.

6. Read Detox Guide.


Here’s to the journey!


Some fine print business mumbo jumbo:

Fueled+Fit © Erin Holt and Erin Holt Health, 2017
All Fueled+Fit material has been created by Erin Holt and protected as such. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Erin Holt is strictly prohibited. This includes PDFs, recordings and any content in the Facebook group.