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Online Gut Workshop

2.5 hour video lecture + PDF

Chronic inflammation is at the root of a wide range of diseases, and how we eat impacts inflammation and pain. Unfortunately, our modern diet is high in foods that promote inflammation, yet low in foods that can ward off inflammation.

Furthermore, our digestive tract does everything from digest food, to modulate metabolism, to regulate the immune system, to influence mental health. If there is an imbalance in the gut, symptoms will show up in parts of the body that appear to have no connection to the digestive system. Good gut health is necessary to keep inflammation and pain in check, and for overall systemic health.

This 2.5 hour workshop covers diet & lifestyle factors that can lead to health problems, and explores ways to reduce inflammation AND build a resilient gut. You gain immediate access as soon as you purchase!

Topics include:

  • Leaky gut
  • Gut Dysbiosis
  • Chronic disease states that are affected by gut problems
  • "Healthy" foods you might be eating that can contribute to inflammation
  • Foods that fight inflammation
  • Supplements for a happy gut
  • Lifestyle medicine you can implement today!

This workshop is for you if you struggle with:

  • Chronic pain & inflammation
  • Digestive problems
  • Anxiety & mood disorders
  • Autoimmune issues
  • Figuring out the best path to a healthful diet

Purchase includes:

  • 2.5 hour video lecture
  • PDF summarizing the lecture
  • Recommendations on specific gut-friendly foods and supplements 
  • Gain immediate access as soon as you purchase (be sure to download within 24 hours of purchase)
Online Gut Workshop
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Deep Detox Mini Retreat

Hawthorn Farm Retreat Center, Medfield, MA

Saturday, April 21st 12-3pm

Spring. It’s the time of year when everyone’s looking to detox. Whether we want a reset, weight loss, or to slough off the winter, we’re tempted (and encouraged) to try something extreme for rapid results. But unfortunately this isn’t supportive of the body’s own rhythm and natural detoxification processes. In fact, drastic detoxes and quick fixes fail to get us the results we’re after, and can even do more harm than good.

We’ve got to GO DEEPER and look not only at what’s going on physiologically within the body, but what’s happening emotionally and energetically as well. This is how we truly detox.

This 3 hour workshop features a short detoxifying practice - including asana, pranayama and guided meditation - NO YOGA EXPERIENCE NECESSARY - along with a discussion led by Erin Holt. We will unpack the wildly misunderstood process that is detox, and you will learn evidence-based ways to support it. Discussion will include:

  • How detoxification *actually* works in the body and how you can support it everyday
  • Common detox myths and misconceptions
  • How gut health affects overall health - and what you can do about it
  • The problem with low calorie diets when it comes to weight loss AND detoxification
  • The fallacy of self care
  • How you have the power to change your own genes
  • What food has to do with all of it

Through lecture and practice, you will examine, release and detox from cultural programming, limiting beliefs and trapped emotions that keep you from creating the change that you want. 

Contact Erin to set up a workshop at your business!


What others are saying about hosting Erin Holt Health workshops:


Erin came in to our office and hosted an informational session about her Fueled + Fit program. We had a lot of interest, so we decided to offer the program as a component within our existing wellness program. It was a huge hit. Erin’s holistic approach helped to reshape perceptions around dieting and losing weight. Our employees learned not only about the importance of eating REAL food, but also about the various other factors that impact your overall health, including exercise, sleep, stress, and more. Even more amazing is how many people walked away from this program with new awareness of how their bodies respond to certain foods and were able to identify underlying issues that are causing them to not feel their best. We loved having Erin so much that we asked her to come back for a group meditation, which she prefaced with a presentation on how stress affects our day-to-day and the benefits of meditating. Erin’s focus on the “why” is what makes her approach so unique. She takes the extra step to explain the scientific reasoning. That way, you’re able to continue making healthy choices even after the program has ended. It’s been a year since I participated in F+F, and I’m still reaping the benefits.

Maya Nosowski, HR Generalist RDK Engineers, Andover MA


We have had the pleasure of getting to know Erin and cannot say enough about her intelligence, passion and empathy. She is a true advocate for her clients and an amazing ambassador for the holistic nutrition/wellness movement. In a world awash in conflicting advice and messages, Erin is the real deal.

Matt Friel, CEO Happy Bodies


Working with Erin is an excellent business choice for anyone in the fitness and wellness industry. She is knowledgeable, relatable, thorough and funny. Erin is constantly researching and learning. She creates a loving community vibe that supports your business through her holistic nutrition programs and workshops.

Emily McIssac, Owner Bikram Yoga Epping, Epping NH


I’ve had Erin Holt come to my yoga studio a number of times to present her workshops and every time she has come it’s been a huge success. My clients love Erin and can’t get enough of the nutritional information she presents. Erin is not only one of the smartest women I know, she is warm and charismatic with a flair for presenting some pretty heady scientific data in a down to earth approachable way. Erin teaches from her heart, she practices what she preaches and she inspires others to make changes for a healthy happy lifestyle without stress or anxiety! 

Michelle Plante, Owner Prasada Yoga Center


I worked with Erin Holt for the first time in 2016 when she did a nutrition workshop for my studio. She was amazing. Students really enjoyed the information she shared.

January 2018 I decided to personally enter her nutrition program. I had been feeling blah and felt I needed something. This seemed the healthiest approach. I have learned so much from her. My eating habits are slowly evolving and I continue to learn more about the foods that just don’t make me feel great and foods that do. Erin is incredibly knowledgeable and so passionate about what she teaches. She takes the time to research and doesn’t just share empty facts, she backs them up! She believes in what she teaches and is one of the most kind, down to earth people I know.

Missi D’Arcy, Owner Symmetry Yoga Studio, Lee NH


Our public library hosted Erin’s “Eating for a Healthy Gut” workshop and attracted unprecedented attendance. Our patrons could not stop raving about her expertise and approachability, as well as her excellent presentation skills. We immediately booked her for a future workshop. Erin has a lovely and professional demeanor making for seamless collaboration. We are excited to have her return to our library and highly recommend Erin.

Cara Marsh, Director Blaisdell Library, Nottingham, NH